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The Youth Information Center of the Municipality of Bra and the City Youth Policy Consultant launch the #IOSTUDIOACASA initiative to offer study support to high school students struggling with the news of online teaching and virtual classes.

The high schools and the professional training of Bra, very active immediately in the relationship with their students in the management of the health emergency, are guaranteeing distance training with professionalism and competence. The #restateacasa imperative, however, precludes the possibility of taking advantage of the classic "repetitions" that can help students in individual study, as well as severely limiting relationships, the spaces in which you can practice with others for example in language conversations foreign, or experimenting with the simulation of a question rather than solving a difficult problem together, or filling gaps.

#IOSTUDIOACASA therefore wants to be a school help service, not a substitute for school education but in support, which uses the potential of new technologies and above all the precious free availability of young university students who offer time and skills.

High school and vocational training students will then be able to submit their request in the message section of the Facebook page of the Informagiovani di Bra @informagiovanibra or by email at and operators, subject to parental authorization in the case of minors, will put them in contact with university students. Similarly, university students who wish to make their skills available can do so.

The "remote" video lessons take place on a web platform that can be used free of charge, both from PCs and smartphones.

For more information, you can contact the Informagiovani by writing an email to the address or a private message on Facebook on the @informagiovanibra page. (Rb)

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