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Deadline for applications: Monday 12 August 2019

Download this file (environmental technical specialist announcement_2019.pdf)environmental technical call for tender_2019.pdf[The competition notice]6106 kB
Download this file (environmental technical notice_preselection test result.pdf)environmental technical notice_preselection test result.pdf[The result of the pre-selection test]435 kB
Download this file (environmental technical notice_written test result.pdf)environmental technical notice_written test result.pdf[Written test result]338 kB
Download this file (doc00388420191018083138.pdf)environmental technical specialist notice_2019 list of pre-selective tests admitted[list admitted to the pre-selective test]981 kB
Download this file (computer questions.pdf)computer science questions.pdf[IT questions]333 kB
Download this file (final ranking_tecnico environmental.pdf)final ranking_technical environment.pdf[Final result]576 kB
Download this file (FIRST WRITTEN TEST.pdf)FIRST WRITTEN TEST.pdf[First written test]1801 kB
Download this file (ORAL TEST.pdf)TEST ORAL.pdf[Oral exam]724 kB
Download this file (TEST pre-selective.pdf)Pre-selection test.pdf[Pre-selection test]1487 kB
Download this file (SECODA PROVA SCRITTA.pdf)SECODA TEST WRITTEN.pdf[Second written test]498 kB