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Article. 33, paragraph 3-bis of D.Lgs. 163 / 2006 and states that: "Provincial non-capitals commune on the acquisition of works, goods and services within the municipalities of the municipalities referred to in Article 32 of the 18 2000 Decree 267, 7, 2014, where existing, or constituting a a special consortium agreement between the municipalities themselves and by using the relevant offices of the provinces, either by using an aggregator entity or provinces, in accordance with the 56 law XNUMX XNUMX, XNUMX. the electronic purchasing instruments handled by Consip SpA or by other reference aggregators.The Public Procurement Authority of Works, Services and Supplies does not issue the race identification code (CIG) to the non-provincial municipalities that process all 'acquisition of works, goods and services in violation of the requirements of this paragraph.'

The new Code of Public Contracts referred to in D.Lgs. 18 April 2016 no. 50, as last amended by Legislative Decree no. 56 / 2017, in respect of purchases of non-capital cities, compared to the previous regulations, expanded the "margin" for "autonomous and direct purchases" (comm. 1 and 2, the first period of 37) and recalculating aggregation forms (4 commands 5 and 37)

The Towns of Bra, Baldissero d'Alba, Channel, Ceresole Alba, Cavallermaggiore, Cherasco, Diano D'Alba, Montà, Monticello d'Alba, Narzole, Sanfrè, Santa Vittoria d'Alba, Sommariva del Bosco e Sommariva Perno, have adhered to the single Central Command as of approved agreement subsequently revised with effect 01 / 01 / 2018 by their respective councils.


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Head of Commune: Bra Commune - Caduti Square for Liberty, 14 - 12042 Bra (Cn)


Executive: Monica Basso

phones: 0172.438216 - 0172.438125 - 0172.438118

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