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He was arrested in Rome Rome last Thursday, 17 November 2005, around 19 hours, among a dozen non-EU nationals of Moroccan nationality. The lite came from the fact that one of the involved, in a state of drunkenness, has begun brandishing broken bottles to some other fellow countrymen.

Questions and practices relating to Bra's popular homes can be displayed directly in the City Hall at an ATC official in Cuneo. Wednesday 30 November 2005 from 9 30: 9 will be present in the House of Resistance, the lobby of Square Fallen for Freedom, a housekeeper in the Granda home office. Anyone wishing to meet an ATC may do so from 30: 12 to 30: XNUMX. (Rg)
During the vigilance service in the center of Bra, two officers of the Municipal Police Command saw a car in an irregular park in Via Vittorio Emanuele II at the intersection with the pedestrian island of via Cavour, car with an insurance mark no longer valid. Upon arrival, the MF driver, twenty-year-old braid, tried to escape to avoid seizure while going to park the car in via San Rocco. However, it has not escaped the agents who, after reaching the site where the Fiat Sixteenth had been parked, proceeded to seize and disprove the relevant report.

Since the beginning of the new 2005 / 2006 school year, the controls of the Municipal Police of Bra at the entrance and exit of the schools have been intensified in order to improve the level of student safety. Particularly concerned by this control is the elementary school "Edoardo Mosca" in via Montegrappa: here the controls are aimed at verifying compliance with the ordinance prohibiting the transit to all cars in via Montegrappa, excluding residents, in the morning hours 7: 55 at 8: 30 and afternoon from 16: 10 at 16: 45.

He met in the Old Town Center in via Montegrappa the City Council for Equal Opportunities of Bra. To open the proceedings, President Beatrice Arlorio, who brought to the attention of the participants some information gathered by the Piedmont Region, before passing on to the agenda that at the first point the appointment of two people attending the work of the Consultation provincial Equal Opportunities. They will represent Bra, Giuliana Bersano and Caterina Fagnola.