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He met in the Old Town Center in via Montegrappa the City Council for Equal Opportunities of Bra. To open the proceedings, President Beatrice Arlorio, who brought to the attention of the participants some information gathered by the Piedmont Region, before passing on to the agenda that at the first point the appointment of two people attending the work of the Consultation provincial Equal Opportunities. They will represent Bra, Giuliana Bersano and Caterina Fagnola.

A baricentric city that will have to know the great flows between the nearby hills of Roero and the Cunean plain but also between the urban realities of Turin and Cuneo. These are the capabilities of Bra described by the pool of professionals who are drafting the new city plan by submitting to the municipal council Tuesday, 15 November 2005, the programming decision, the first step for drafting the preliminary draft of the urban planning tool that will be ready next fall. A project that is projected in the next ten to fifteen years, for which an 2.000 hypothesis is expected more families ("From the data of recent years it has been seen how to grow was not so much the population, but rather the number of families, "said Professor Franco Mellano, coordinator of the team of professionals who drafted the document) for a population that could get to touch the 35.000 units. "Projections based on up-to-date data, as they refer to the 2001 census," said counselor Cravero, the leader of "The City of All", highlighting the need for a study on who really are Bra's lodgings.

After a "sabbatical" year the 7 May 2006 pv returns Bra - Bra Great fund and medium amateur fund from the Langhe al Roero, in the splendid scenery of the famous land for truffles and the great doc wines passing from the Langhe hills to the Roero Roero .

Began in mid-afternoon, the city council of Bra was convened in the middle of the night by President Gian Massimo Vuerich for yesterday, Tuesday 15 November 2005. After a careful analysis of the program's deliberation of the new city governor plan, the councilors addressed a busy agenda that allowed them to confer two honorary citizenship; to examine four motions; to approve a budget change and the constitution of the consortium for the management of the Ronchi roadside, as well as to reserve a large space for the interpellations that the councilors addressed to the Junta. At the opening of the work, a minute of recapture was received for the victims of the Nassirya massacre.

Back again this year, the traditional appointment of the wig braid, specifically linked to the promotion of meat, and in particular Bra's sausage, a unique product of excellence in gourmet gastronomy. The event, which came to its 9 ° edition, wants to confirm special attention to the production of "Piedmont breed" meat in order to encourage producers not to abandon, albeit less profitable than other breeds. The current Piedmont breed has as a breeding ground what can be called Old Piedmont, that is, the current Piedmont and Lombardy and Liguria areas. In 1991, the chiefs of the Genealogical Book were 86.339, of which 53.704 in the province of Cuneo ( 82,2%). Cows that maintain a fair amount of milk production are small on the 5 / 6 quintals, calves are born with an average weight of 39 Kg (females) and 42 kg (males). The characteristics of this meat now have a large scientific literature: we learn so that his gourmand expression of the fineness of muscle fibers- is very fine, which is tenderer and more juicy than the other meats, and intramuscular fat, present in the right amount, exalts tenderness and taste, while the amount of cholesterol would be even lower than that of other breeds.