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An original gift for Christmas or Epiphany is as proposed by Bra's Politeama Theater. At the Tourist Office and Manifestazioni Comunale di via Moffa di Lisio you can buy and pay a ticket to attend one of the rich January shows that the structure of Piazza Carlo Alberto will be able to offer. Tuesday 10 January 2006 will be on stage, in the new translation by Raffaele De Ritis, "The Storm" by William Shakespeare. Played by Giuseppe Bisogno, Sebastiano Nardone and Barbara Nay, the show will begin at 21 hours at the cost of 12 euro (non-subscription show).

Starting 18 December 2005 Bra has two new honorable citizens, Edoardo Brizio and Ezio Gribaudo. The contribution was made to the 18,30 in the Mayor's Hall in the Civic Palace, by the first citizen, Camillo Scimone, and in the presence of the Regional Councilor Franco Guida and some members of the Council of Bra. The town administration of the town of Zizzola wanted to give honorary citizenship to these two illustrious representatives of the world of culture, to recognize the great artistic value of their activity in their respective fields of music and art.

It was received this morning, Thursday 15 December 2005, from the town council of Bra Father Ettore Molinaro, who recently retired. During the meeting, the first citizen Camillo Scimone wanted to recall the importance of a life dedicated from 1971 to Bra's "Craveri" Natural Sciences Museum of Bra, as Director and after retirement as honorary scientific director of a historic museum museum, where he was one of the protagonists in the reopening and installation of museum collections.

It will be seen in the offices of the Commune of Bra until 30 Dec. 2005 the agreed executive plan, presented on a property of Via Visconti Venosta in fraction Bandito. In the City Hall the projects will be available from Monday to Friday at 6 via XACXXX8: 30 at 12: 30, on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at the Municipal Police Command in Moffa di Lisio, from 9 : 30 under 11: 30. If the Command Agents are patrolled, they can be reached by telephone at 0172.413744 or 329.2104360 numbers.
From the New Year's Day, January 31, and until January 14 2006, anyone can submit public and general comments to the Municipal Administration by depositing the memoirs at the Municipal Protocol Office. (Rg)
Olympic Air at Bra, Thursday 12 January of next year. A few weeks after the official launch of the Torino 2006 games, some of the city's public schools will participate in a presentation of the upcoming "Winter Paralympics", the event dedicated to disabled athletes who will follow the subalpine Olympic Games.