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He came back to talk about the situation of Bra's Brain Care House at the 21 Urban Planning Commission last December. Deputy Mayor Giovanni Comoglio, assisted by the Municipal Town Planning Department, presented to the members of the Board of Commissioners, chaired by Pier Giorgio Pirra, the results of the audits on the enlargement of the clinic, as previously requested by some members of the same committee.

Year-end party at Bra's Nest. In the street of Caduti del Lavoro, the traditional end-of-year encounter took place in the past few days between the parents of the little ones and the educators of the Nursery braidese. The meeting was also attended by Councilor for Cultural Resources of the City of Bra, Michelino Davico, who explained to the parents the content of the new Services Charter that will be distributed before the Christmas break.

The City Council of Bra received this morning, Tuesday 20 December 2005, the visit of the provincial commander of the Guardia di Finanza, Colonel Enrico Maria Pasquino. Accompanied by Captain Sava of the Company of Yellow Flames Brain Company Colonel Pasquino has been able to illustrate some of the activities carried out by the Command, underlining the need for the various institutions to overcome some major issues, one of them being the fight against drug addiction.

The condition of the Bra Commune during the conference was yesterday, on Monday 19 December 2005, at the headquarters of the Provincial Administration of Cuneo. Topic: The question of Bet Laminati for a non-substantial variation of the combustion chamber's replacement of its waste-to-energy plant. The Treo civic administration, represented on occasion by the assessor to the Environment Giovanni Marco Gallo and the consultant Stefano Leoni, together with the Civil Protection Service Domenico Brizio, expressed the need for the Province's favorable opinion to contain certain prescriptions.

Summoned by their Presidents Mariella Bottallo of Alba and Gian Massimo Vuerich of Bra met the Capigruppo of the Municipal Councils of Alba and Bra to discuss the reorganization of health and social services in the Province of Cuneo, in view of the partner plan - regional.
All respondents expressed satisfaction with the start of the work of the new Verduno Hospital, who reaffirmed the need to strictly respect the times of construction and that the Province, with the collaboration of the Region, set up the necessary road to connect the new hospital and plan transport services. They also stressed the need for the two existing hospitals to continue to provide quality services in the meantime, taking further steps towards greater integration between them.