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Summoned by their Presidents Mariella Bottallo of Alba and Gian Massimo Vuerich of Bra met the Capigruppo of the Municipal Councils of Alba and Bra to discuss the reorganization of health and social services in the Province of Cuneo, in view of the partner plan - regional.
All respondents expressed satisfaction with the start of the work of the new Verduno Hospital, who reaffirmed the need to strictly respect the times of construction and that the Province, with the collaboration of the Region, set up the necessary road to connect the new hospital and plan transport services. They also stressed the need for the two existing hospitals to continue to provide quality services in the meantime, taking further steps towards greater integration between them.

Meeting this morning, Tuesday 20 December 2005, in Town Hall in Bra among the city administrators of the town of Zizzola and the regional president of the Italian Athletic Federation Federico Maurizio Damilano. The unforgettable champion of Scarnafigi (Gold medal in the march to the Moscow Olympics 1980) was accompanied by the provincial manager of Federatletica and the city's executive Avis Athletics.

The master Giuseppe Allione, pianist Giancarlo Sacco and the fifteen members of Gandino's "Spiritual's Friends" Bra's bra performed on Saturday 17 December 2005, at the Auditorium San Giuseppe in Neive. The group, born within the Civic Musical Institute "Gandino" by Bra, has proven its ability to sing with rich and new sonorities. In the repertoire, partly renewed, there were a large number of songs with a piano accompaniment of considerable difficulty, both rhythmic and harmonic, which often ranged from six to eight voices.

Exceptional testimonial for Bra's "Pedibus". During the session of the Municipal Council of the Boys this morning 20 December 2005, we discussed the project aimed at encouraging the arrival at school on foot, through pre-arranged routes to be followed with escorts to form a real "walking bus ".
The Regional President of the Light Athletic Federation, Maurizio Damilano, also attended the event. "Walking is also about improving your quality of life and, above all, in a prospect of progressive aging of the population, you have to start thinking about it as young people," said the gold medalist at the Moscow Olympics 1980, considering he deserves the initiative and welcoming Roberto Russo's invitation to Roberto Russo to be one of the experiments that will involve young students in the coming months.

An original gift for Christmas or Epiphany is as proposed by Bra's Politeama Theater. At the Tourist Office and Manifestazioni Comunale di via Moffa di Lisio you can buy and pay a ticket to attend one of the rich January shows that the structure of Piazza Carlo Alberto will be able to offer. Tuesday 10 January 2006 will be on stage, in the new translation by Raffaele De Ritis, "The Storm" by William Shakespeare. Played by Giuseppe Bisogno, Sebastiano Nardone and Barbara Nay, the show will begin at 21 hours at the cost of 12 euro (non-subscription show).