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The themes related to bullying and cyber bullying were the focus of the last session of the Municipal Board of the Boys of Bra, which met on Monday 25 March 2019 at the Town Hall. After the greetings of the municipal administration, the councilors, led by the managing director Nino Cornaglia, got to the heart of the subject by watching some videos, such as "When you connect, connect the head" and "If you set me, you gate".

"The king of all things": this is the title of the animated reading by Nati to read 1 April 2019 at 17 on Monday at the "Giovanni Arpino" Civic Library in Bra in the children's room.

The traditional Easter funfair is coming to Bra. To allow for measurement and set-up operations, on the Spreitenbach square, the 28 March 2019 will not be allowed to stop on Thursday afternoon from 14 until the end of the day, with tracking and, subsequently, from 13.00 on Wednesday 3 April until Easter Monday, Monday 22 April 2019, inclusive. Starting from the time of the beginning of the ban, cars parked irregularly will be removed. The municipal municipal police recommend road signs, to avoid penalties. (Municipal police)

The students of the IPS "Velso Mucci" were received this morning (Tuesday 26 March 2019) in the Town Hall in Bra, who actively participated, as hostess and steward, in the first edition of "IOLavoro", the biggest job Italian fair promoted by the Department of Education and Labor of the Piedmont Region dedicated to the meeting between supply and demand, which took place last February at the Piazza Caduti di Nassiriya Movicentro.

As already announced last year, starting from Monday 8 April 2019 the exhumation or exhumation of office of the niches, ossuaries and manholes expiring in 2018 will be ordered in the cemeteries of Viale Rimembranze, Pollenzo and Bandito, if the heirs or interested parties have not provided otherwise. The remains will be buried in the common field or placed in the general ossuary.