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An exhibition space to showcase your creativity, at moments of maximum influx of visitors to Bra. This is what the City and the Politeama Foundation of the City of Zizzola propose to the young artists with the exhibition "Identity", which will be set up inside the building of the new Movement Square of Carabinieri Square fallen to Nassirya, next to the railway station, from Saturday 27 September (date of the new edition of the "white night" braid) on Wednesday 15 October 2008.

By bike the author of a theft, pedal also the agents of the Municipal Police of Bra who stopped him. A young man had just stole a bicycle left unattended but was immediately identified by a two-wheeled patrol of the "civic" braids. The facts. In Piazza Giolitti, a woman called the Municipal Police Headquarters when she realized that the bicycle, left on the square, was gone. The author of the theft, a young man, was identified in Rome and identified. The woman, thanking the agents for finding the means, did not want to complain about the fact, also because the young woman apologized to the woman. (Municipal Police of Bra)
Road Accident in Orti's Bra Road, where yesterday, Wednesday 6 August 2008, around noon SS, Bra's thirty, lost control of his Nissan Micra striking violently against the rail guard. The woman was immediately relieved of the 118 ambulance and transported to the Santo Spirito hospital in the city of Zizzola, where the health care staff has diagnosed that he will be cured in two weeks. The damage caused by the vehicle. On the spot, the immediate police patrol of the Municipal Police Department of Bra was immediately taken to make the reliefs and to ascertain the responsibilities.

Intensified by the beginning of August the checks of the patrols of the Municipal Police of Bra in city cities. In particular, roadside checks are continuously maintained to prevent road accidents on the bearded arteries. In recent days, at some checkpoints, six traffic cards were withdrawn to as many motorists as they did not comply with the vehicle's regular revision, while a dozen minutes were drafted for those who did not use seat belts or child seats. Equally the verdicts disputed by those who used the phone or who did not respect the rules governing overtaking and speed.

Santa Vittoria d'Alba and Bra will be from today, Friday 1 ° August 2008, joined by an experimental public transport line. Until Friday 12 September 2008, the bus service for citizens of the two municipalities concerned will allow four connections on Wednesdays and Fridays.