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Forty new niches will be built inside the "O" field of the Bra cemetery. This was established by the City Council of the city of Zizzola who approved the preliminary project of the intervention. The hypothesized expenditure is one hundred and fifty thousand euros, with a construction in four blocks of twenty opposed loculi using prefabricated materials.

There is the intention to complete, with a new flooring and a new furniture, the car park built in the past few years in Pollenzo, an ideal gateway to the monumental complex of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and the ancient village of the hamlet. The municipal council of Bra has indeed approved a feasibility study to verify the completion, even with a new and more functional access, the wide open space placed three the Provincial that leads to the hamlet and via Amedeo di Savoia.

The "Sapemr job", the four-week training internship during the summer holidays for the sixteen and seventeen year olds, continues at the Informagiovani di Bra. If in these days, after the first accessions, contacts have been made with the production companies of the territory that will host the internships, Tuesday 10 June, at 17: 30 in the premises of the youth aggregation center "Grooving factory" in via Brizio, the meeting will take place between all the children who will have joined the initiative.

One last appointment, with Nutella party finale, for the "Born to read" by Bra. Monday 9 June 2008, starting from 16: 30 in the boys room of the civic library of the city of Zizzola, the last great appointment of the cycle of reading encounters for children aged three to six years as part of the project "Born for To read". The cultural association Stregatocacolor will animate the reading "A special diet", based on the story of Roberto Piumini.

Many passengers have taken the "Noah's Ark", the service promoted by the Municipality of Bra, by the ASL 18 and by the Consorzio Intesa. It comes to an end tomorrow, Thursday 29 May 2008, with an active of one hundred and twenty enrolled children who participated in groups of fifteen elements (on Thursday, Tuesday afternoon and the youngest on Wednesdays) to activities managed by the educators of the municipal nursery school and from the specialized staff of the ASL 18, using the school courtyard of via Vittorio Emanuele 200.