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"We are kids, tomorrow in the world "sang in Bra, yesterday 28 November 2011, pupils of the school" Edoardo Mosca "at the inauguration of new panels embellishing the facade of the gym in via Mercantini. A wish, but also a way of "remembering the big ones" that to them, to the smallest ones, a better world without war, without injustice, made of peace and harmony should be delivered. Phrases that the pupils themselves wanted to write in the new murals, for words on which the kids worked during the year talking about sports.

The 625.264,16 Euro is the latest change to the 2011 budget of the municipality of Bra. To give way to settlement settlement, in the sitting of yesterday, Monday 28 November 2011, was the city council of the city of Zizzola which examined what proposed by the municipal council, with report from the councilor to the finances Giovanni Fogliato. "In financing current spending, we have also resorted to the use of urbanization costs, but only in the case of expenses that somehow have to do with investments, such as maintenance," said the councilor , while Claudio Lacertosa, the parent company of "Bra Project", noted that "many of the projects planned for the budget will not be realized because they are based on too optimistic capital outlay forecasts." Pd Claudio Gallizio, who said that "respect for the rules of the Stability Pact, altered to every government maneuver, forces the communes to make goals in a constantly moving door."

An underlining of the continuing delays and the sudden abolition of some train races in transit to Bra station. Bra, Giuseppe Bonetto, transport councilor, and delegate counselor Pietro Ferrero were present at the presentation of the new winter freight timetables, which was held in Cuneo last few days. The two municipal administrators have highlighted the intensification of failures in the passages along the line Bra-Carmagnola, which end up causing delays in convoys. In detail, the continued delays in arriving in Turin from the train departing from Bra to 7: 20, due to the crossing at Sommariva del Bosco by another means, and the late departure of the 19 train: 31 from Turin, asking Trenitalia to identify and eliminate the causes.

Objectives achieved and rosy prospects for the 2012: these are the considerations that emerge from the presentation organized by the Municipality of Bra on annual separate collection data. On the sidelines of the city council, the environmental assessor Alberto Rizzo presented, together with Roberto Cavallo and Luigi Bosio of the Erica Cooperative, the data relating to the first year of the change in the management of the waste collection service.

Three afternoons in the company of classical music, in the frescoed hall of one of the most impressive historic city palaces. From Sunday 4 December - at 16 at Palazzo Mathis, in the Square Fallen for Freedom - starts the show "A Sunday in Concert", organized by the City of Bra and the Politeama Foundation in collaboration with the civic musical institute "Adolfo Gandino" .