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While awaiting the opening of the new school year, Mayor Camillo Scimone and Councilor for Education of the City of Bra, Michelino Davico, met the school leaders of the various schools of the city, at a time when the new civic to deepen and to know the needs of the school world.

Open Thursday 9 September 2004 is the yard for the construction of the new Bra field hockey field. The structure, which will be realized in Madonna Fiori's "Azzurri d'Italia" Athletic Park, is suitable for hosting international competitions in one of the disciplines in which men's and women's braids have climbed to the top in the continental field.

Extend the deadlines for filing a complaint for sewage or sewage discharges that do not flow into the public sewerage system and are not yet authorized.

2 was held on Thursday, September, in the Council Hall of the Municipality of Cherasco, the first meeting on the financing opportunities offered to companies established in the territory of the municipalities that adhere to the Bra-Carmagnola Industrial District. The work was the first Cheraschese citizen Pier Luigi Ghigo, Pacific City delegate director for Industrial District Affairs, Sergio Barbero, and Bravo City Councilor for Labor, Roberto Russo, while entering into specifically on the themes related to funding opportunities were Elena Saglietti of the Work Services Policies (Spal) of the Municipality of Bra and Marco Didier of the Business Office of the Province of Cuneo.

Inside the 2004 "Taste Salon" events, the biennial of food that will take place from 20 to the 23 next October in Turin, a great moment will surely be the worldwide meeting between the Mother Earth food communities. The event, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Piedmont Region, the City of Turin and Slow Food, will bring to Piedmont more than five thousand people who will confront and debate on the quality of the products but above all the balance that has come to be created in the distribution of resources globally, the dignity of workers and the health of consumers, with an eye to the repercussions that agricultural practice has on environmental policy.