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What are the ways to reconcile family and work needs for women in the new millennium? Responding to the question will be representatives of the local economy and social forces in the country, who will evaluate the opportunities offered by the legislation also in light of the latest provisions, increasingly flexible-oriented as a model to reconcile demand needs and job offerings. All this will take place during a conference entitled "Women and Work. What is the conciliation flexibility? ", Scheduled at Bra, in the halls of the Large Resistance Cultural Center" Giovanni Arpino "on Saturday 13 November 2004 from 9: 15 to 13: 30.

It is a specific ordinance of the Municipal Administration Department that sets up for the historic center of Bra, from Tuesday 2 next November, the ways of conferring and collecting the home of the new waste collection service and "door to door" waste.
With this measure, new provisions are laid down on the ban on bags and bins destined for undifferentiated waste to be disposed of in landfills, such as paper and board, plastics, glass, exhausted batteries, bulky remedies and bulk waste, and collection methods and conferring on the various types of waste that must be conferred on the municipal collection system.

Just over three hours to discuss a dense program that had the urban issues at the center of the debate. This is what happened yesterday, Thursday 28 October 2004, in the halls of the Arpino Multifunctional Center during the session of the Bra Council, meeting also to examine a number of questions that the advisers addressed to the members of the Junta Scimone. At the opening session, Bruna Sibille (Ds) was advised to say thank you for what Bra did during the "Earth Mother" event of recent days: "Our city was the one with the highest ratio of hosted delegates and number of inhabitants. Even for this participation, it may be a path to follow that to ask that a "Mother Earth" home is just in Bra. "
In the space dedicated to his communications to the Council, however, the Mayor Audion informed the assembly that he had delegated some delegates to counselors who would be dealing with specific matters in support of the competent councilors. This is Giacomo Mosso (Together for Scimon) who will be farming, and Giovanni Fogliato (Margherita), to whom the Mayor has asked to cure the relationship between the Administration and Voluntary Associations, also within the Consulta communal for volunteering. However, Fogliato himself pointed out, thanking the first citizen of the assignment that he wanted to assign to him, that this is a delegation of a technical nature.

An orientation course for choosing a high school. This is what the cycle of meetings, called "Spatial Orientation", is organized by the Municipality of Bra in collaboration with the Province of Cuneo and the 64 School District. This is a cycle of seven evenings, all of which will be held at 20: 30 at the premises of the Cultural Resistance Center "Giovanni Arpino" of Wide Resistance, where the various training offers under the Zizzola will be illustrated.

From the 2 November, coincidentally with the departure of the new Bra City waste collection system, the modalities for mechanized cleansing in the streets of the center also change. Although a radical change will only be seen in January, when, weekly and at scheduled times, stop-bans will be set during the day to allow automatic sweepers to perform their work more accurately, as early as the month of November, mechanized sweeps will take place at nocturnal hours, without bans.