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A new municipal warehouse will be built in Bra. The City Council of the City of Zizzola has entrusted these days to the technical staff of the Municipal Public Works Department, the task of arranging the new structure.

Chicago, 1929. Journalists are waiting for the execution of Marxist-bearer Earl Williams, who is sentenced with a fake accusation of murder. The reporter Hildy Johnson, who decided to marry and leave the journalist's life for that of the advertiser, resists her cynical director who tries to hold her. But the condemned man escapes and falls into his own arm at Johnson.
This is the story of "First Page", Ben Hecht's comedy and Charles Mac Arthur, scheduled at the Politeama Theater of Bra on Saturday 19 November 2005 starting at 21. The great Gianmarco Tognazzi and a Bruno Armando perfectly dropped in the part will divide the treble stage by interpreting the story, brought on the big screen by Billy Wilder with the couple Jack Lemmon-Walter Matthau, in an Italian adaptation edited by Edoardo Erba for the direction of Francesco Tavassi.

New billboards outside public spaces were announced today, Tuesday 8 November 2005, by the Bra Council. After noting a growing violation of the publicity provisions, the municipal executive commissioned the Municipal Police Command to scrutinize and punish irregular situations.

It will meet Tuesday 15 November 2005, starting from 16 30, the City Council of Bra. President Gian Massimo Vuerich has convened the members of the assembly in the usual conference room of the Arpino Multifunctional Center to discuss a daily agenda that has highlights financial and urban issues, with the approval of a change in the budget and 'Examination of the Programming Resolution of the General Regulatory Plan.

From 26 April to May, 2006 in Bra, in Piedmont, is back with a very popular appointment with the international short film Cinema Corto in Bra. Born in 1996, he is 10 years old.
Thanks to the hospitality of the Torino Film Festival, Corto in Bra presents the 2006 edition to the authors and to the press on Wednesday 16 November at 17 00 at the Spazio Meeting Point in via Montebello (via Verdi) in Turin.
At the meeting - followed by a toast offered by the Banca del Vino di Pollenzo - will be present the artistic directors Luisa Grosso and Stefano Sardo in addition to the representatives of the City of Bra.