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Sunday 11 December 2005 Slow Food inaugurates the first Merchandise Market of typical products in Pollenzo (Bra - Cn), in collaboration with Bra and Bra, Alba, Bra, Langhe and Roero, with the contribution of Cassa di Risparmio di Bra.
About thirty stalls, set up in the historic Venetian square Vittorio Emanuele, exhibit and sell food specialties, Presidia Slow Food and wine producers of Barolo di Serralunga d'Alba. The Alberto Market is inspired by the strong imprint that at Polenzo left Carlo Alberto di Savoia, who wanted to create with the Agency, in the first decades of 800, a state-of-the-art experimentation and promotion center for agriculture. Today, the Pollenzo Agency has been restored and hosts the University of Gastronomic Sciences, Wine Bank, Hotel Agency and Guido Restaurant.

the last change to the 2005 municipal budget and the return to the council hall of building-related issues at the corner of Via Adua and via Alba. These are some of the topics that the Bra Councils will discuss on Tuesday 29 November 2005 from 18 in the hall of the "Giovanni Arpino" Multifunctional Center. Among the other issues under discussion, according to the agenda drawn up by the chairman of the Assembly Gian Massimo Vuerich, approval of the Scheme for the associated management of the Single Business Unit with four Roero Municipalities (Ceresole, Sanfré, Sommariva Perno and Pocapaglia) and the renegotiation of ongoing mortgages with the Custody and Loans Fund.

Shortly before the 9 on Saturday 19 November 2005, a patrol of the Municipal Police of Treble was to intervene in a city bar in via Cuneo where there was reported the presence of an individual who disturbed the entrants and the operators of the premises. The patrol arrived at the place first attempted to move the individual away from the premises and, after having led him outside, proceeded to identify him. It is a non-EU Moroccan thirty-year-old BA living in the city.

From 30 November 2005 the Bra Market returns to the Rock. After completing the works in Piazza XX Settembre, the Wednesday market will return to animate the historic area of ​​commerce on Piazza Braidese.
The novelties will mainly concern Garibaldi's course, since the ambulances will also occupy the entire route in the stretch of the Ala, which will consequently remain closed to traffic. The move will be more imminent on Friday's market, whose transfer hypothesis will be examined after the Christmas holidays. (Rg)
Italian Enigmatic enthusiasts will be rushing on the mysterious illustrated resort with vintage postcards on the 3843 number of 19 November 2005 of the Enigmistic Week. For the braid readers of the historic Italian headgear, no mystery, as the photos reproduce course Garibaldi, the municipal building, the railway station, Palazzo Traversa and the church of Sant'Antonino. It's Bra's the protagonist of the "A tour to ...." column, which reveals to the crossword enthusiast the destination after completing the free scheme. (Rg)