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During a regular vigilance service in the center of Bra, two local municipal police officers noticed a car in the park whose front license plate did not match the rear seat. A number has been altered to make it different, belonging to another car. It was therefore taken the accessory penalty for the car's administrative stop for three months. In addition, the alien plate was seized and the owner was denounced to the Procuratorate of the Republic of Alba for fake.

The afternoon will be closed by the Verbal Office of the Municipal Police Commission of Braids. From Monday 7 November 2005, the structure of Via Moffa of Lisio will be open to the public in 8 15-12: 15 only, Monday to Saturday with the exception of midweek holidays. The reason for the reduction is determined by the need for the City Municipal Police to use an extra agent for land control. (Rg)
The pleasure of the prose, with outstanding authors and interpreters. Musicians who have made the story of the seven notes in Italy. The rediscovery of the important tradition of music theater. The 2005 / 2006 season of the Politeama "Giuseppe Boglione" of Bra is rich and, alternating wisely with the different genres of entertainment, will give the audience a year of strong emotions, thanks to the synergy that has arisen between the City of Bra , the Teatro Politeama Foundation and the Piemonte Circuit Theater Foundation.
The wandering scene will overwhelm the enchanting irony of Enzo Jannacci; the multiform expressive power of Banda Osiris in a show that will see her next to Stefano Bollani, an authentic legend of "made in Italy" jazz; the tradition of the Parthenon theater with one of the most interesting contemporary authors, Annibale Rucello; known faces of Gianmarco Tognazzi, Miranda Martino, Alessandro Benvenuti; the new irresistible show by Marco Paolini, Antonia Spaliviero and Gabriele Vacis played by Natalino Balasso; a special reduction of "Boheme" by Giacomo Puccini. Also, in the first place, the new edition of "The Count of Luxembourg" by Franz Lear by the company Corrado Abbati.

The City of Bra has launched a public selection to form a ranking where to draw in case of fixed-term recruitment of "Technical Accounting Instructors" (category C). The degree program required is the degree of Accountant, Accountant Accountant, Business Accountant, Company Accountant, Accounting Analyst, Business Management Technician or Maturity at the end of the Igea, Erica or Mercury trials.

A specialist in the environmental field is in competition at the Bra Commune. The competition notice is available in the "Services to Citizens" section of the web site www.comune.bra.cn.it or can be retired at the City Hall at the offices of the Department of Studies and Organization. The notice details the qualification requirements and the qualifications required.