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A trip back in time, looking for the beautiful times that were. On the first Sunday of September, on 7, returns to Bra (Cn) the antique and collector's market in the Rocca area. From the eight o'clock in the morning Garibaldi, Piazza Caduti for Freedom, Cottolengo Course and Piazza XX Settembre exhibitors will be able to showcase unique pieces and objects of the past, whose design has marked tastes and epochs of the past.

One year after the public opening, Palazzo Mathis hosts an important exhibition dedicated to Master Enrico Paulucci. Francesco Poli (professor at the Albertina Academy of Turin, the Milanese Accademia di Brera and the Sorbonne of Paris) in the presentation of this "anologic" braidese defines him as "protagonist of the anti-neo-medieval pictorial renewal in Italy between the two wars that he has been able to keep up Late aging is the freshness and innate vitality of his pictorial vein, with interesting evolutions and an unchanged taste for the refined elaboration of a free figuration, always in the mark of an original and unmistakable poetic of color. "

Wise is he who knows he does not know. This is the philosophy that welcomes the invitation of the Bra Council and the Territorial Center for Permanent Formation, which will organize under the Zizzola a series of courses, scheduled for departure in the next month of October. From the first to the 26 September 2008 you will be able to join the courses for a foreign language (forty-two hours of English, French, Spanish, German or Arabic), chess or drawing (forty-eight hours), or twenty-six hours to learn the secrets of computer science at the cost of fifty euros.

Beginning Sunday, 7 September 2008 resumes the Sunday openings of the toy museum museum in Bra. The Guala structure will open every day holidays from 10 to 12: 30 and 15 to 18: 30, no booking required, and the possibility to know the duration and frequency of animation activities at weekends at 347.3156720 .

It's time to inscribe to the Civic musical institute "Adolfo Gandino" by Bra. From the first to 24 September 2008, at the Via Parpera 6 site, you will be able to join one of the many courses offered by the institute directed by master Giuseppe Allione and run by the Politeama Foundation. The courses will enable both the learning and the improvement of musical instruments, based on state conservation programs, as well as a series of proposals to give, even from the earliest age, the first rudiments on the seven notes.