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The gardens as a productive reality, and also the celebration of the table. It is scheduled in Bra, Friday 19 September 2008 when, starting from 20, you will be able to attend a gourmet evening on the "plain" of the gardens, namely at Casa Tallone street Orti 66, where you will taste a menu rich in mixed appetizers , and in the place of honor the classic "bagné 'nt l'euli" with the vegetables of the braids, plateau of cheese, sweet, all accompanied by a good glass of wine.

Between a courtyard and the other to discover the variety and richness of Piedmont cuisine. This is what Bra (Cn) proposes on Sunday 28 September 2008 with the thirteenth edition of "From Courtyard to Courtyard", the gastronomic event that in recent editions attracted more than thirty thousand people in the Piedmont city. Over one hundred courtyards of the historic town of Braidide will open, some just for the occasion, hosting art exhibitions, shows, music and installations, with a gastronomic route that will allow two thousand people to make a trip between the flavors of the tradition of Langhe and Roero, with the possibility to taste, from appetizer to sweet, the typical Piedmontes combined with the best wines of the hills surrounding Bra.

Sbufferà from Turin station New gate to Bra steam train, which on Sunday 28 September 2008, will allow you to take part in the extraordinary day "From courtyard to yard" in the city of Zizzola. Thanks to the collaboration with Trenitalia and the Piedmont Region, which will be held at eight in the morning, 8: 45 will depart from the central station of the subalpine capital a historic convoy that will take stage in Turin Lingotto Prima and then Carmagnola.

Pollenzo is part of Bra's note in recent years for having created the first university in the world where they study gastronomic science, attracting students from all over the planet. Here is also the first bank of national wine, with thousands of bottles of the most well-known labels stored and aged in the old cellars of the Savoy agricultural agency. Pollenzo is, however, a village where history has left valuable testimonies since its foundation as an important Roman city to its refurbishment in the Carlo-Albaine era, with a characteristic neo-Gothic architecture that characterizes the castle and the monumental complex of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.

"No dread. Tramontate stars. I'll win at dawn". So the "Turandot" of Puccini in a celebrated air, and so will be Bra (Cn) between Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 September 2008 on the longest night of the year. And just the "No Homer" will be the imperative that will also be marked with tenor voice at 21 hours in the hall of the Politeama theater of the Piedmont city and retransmitted in fm by local radio and along the squares of the event that, from 17, it will occupy Bra's old town.