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A reminder to companies managing gas methane at Bra, urging them to "inform users in the most appropriate and expeditious manner" of the bills that have come to these days in the city, some of which have a considerable amount after time counts were no longer counted on the counters and no bills were sent to the users for supplies. This is what Mayor Camillo Scimone and the Concession Commissioner Giovanni Marco Gallo have made, with a letter stating that at a previous report last April "Enel Gas spa replied that the episode was from charging for a change in internal consumer discovery procedures, resulting in billing delays. There was also an assurance that the circumstance, as well as the possibility of rateing for abnormal consumption, as provided for by art. 10 of resolution no. 229 / 2001 of the Authority for Electricity and Gas, it would have been given appropriate information to the users. "

Co-operation between the Bra Communal Administration and local nurses continues to work for the care and enhancement of public greenery under Zizzola. These days, new essences have been placed inside the roundabout at the top of Orti street, at the east entrance of the city, along the state road no. 231.

Will close for the whole month of August The "Toy Museum" in via Guala. The structure, housed within Bra's multifunctional center "Giovanni Arpino", will open its doors on Monday 1 ° September 2008, on Monday to Friday between 16 and 18: 30, with a mandatory reservation at the Secretariat of the Library civic number 0172.413049. As a tradition, however, the Bra Library will not close its doors even in August: in the air-conditioned rooms of Via Guala, it will continue its activities regularly with hundreds of available titles for the loan to be taken with you on holiday. For more information, you can contact the 0172.413049 telephone number (e-mail:
A pact between institutions to ensure greater synergy on security issues in the municipalities of Bra, Alba, Langhe and Roero. This is what the representatives of the local institutions presented yesterday, 21 2008 on Monday, the Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry, Senator Michelino Davico and the President of the Piedmont Region, Mercedes Bresso, during the conference "Towards a Covenant territorial security "that took place at the Teatro Politeama di Bra in front of numerous mayors of the provinces of Cuneo and Asti and of the highest regional authorities on public security.

"I express a special applause for the application demonstrated by younger students to the larger, solo or group formations that have highlighted the artistic growth of the Institute, extended to their teachers." This is how Giuseppe Allione, who has been a director of Bra's "Adolfo Gandino" Musical Institute for six years, at the end of the school year just ended.