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As part of the events of the September braid "Pass to Bra in Autumn", last Sunday, 21 September 2008 was held by the Treasury in Roero, a naturalistic walk in the Natural History Museum of Bra woods and rocks, which has attracted unexpected public success. Over forty hikers, some of whom came from Turin and Cuneo, from Bra station reached the shuttle bus with the starting point along the wooded road of Saliceto di Pocapaglia.

During the Board meeting convened for 30 September 2008, the balances of the municipal budget will be verified during the current year. City Council Chairman Gian Massimo Vuerich summoned members of the city's largest assembly for 16 on Tuesday 30 in the conference room of the Large Resistance Cultural Center "Giovanni Arpino".

During the weekends in Bra, the White Night of "No Dummies" on Saturday 27 and "From Courtyard at Courtyard" on Sunday, 28, there will be several streets and streets where it will be forbidden both the park and the transit. In particular: Via Vittorio Emanuele (from the hospital to the intersection with Via Cuneo), via Umberto, in the section between Via Verdi and Piazza C. Alberto, the same square Carlo Alberto, piazza Roma (gardens and side streets also in front of the pub ), via Audisio, via Principi. Piedmont, Via Marconi, Via Pollenzo, Piazza XX Settembre, Garibaldi course, Piazza Caduti Libertà, Via Barbacana, Via San Giovanni Battista, Via Serra, Via Parpera, Course IV Novembre (in the section between Via Pertini and the level crossing). There will be prohibited both stopping by vehicle removal and transit from 16 on Saturdays 27 September 2008 at 3 on Sundays 28 September and from 10 to 20 always on Sunday 28 September.

Presented yesterday, Wednesday 24 September 2008, in Bra the first Social Area Social Report on the Social Services in Braids. The document, curated by the City Council of Bra and the consortium socio-welfare Intesa in collaboration with the Labser agency in Milan, deals with the skills, investments and actions taken by the two bodies to answer the needs of the citizens. The report examines data from the 2005-2007 triennial, detailing the criticalities and dynamics emerging in the social sector, embracing both social-welfare services in the strict sense but expanding the horizon even to elements such as school , sport, infrastructure investment and policies geared especially to young people and older people who have gone to qualify the quality of life in the city.

There are so many people in the booths, with many who have come up with the equipment of the various disciplines present. In so many ways, Garibaldi then assisted in the afternoon in the race of push cars. It's been a good day for "Sport in the Square" in Bra. Yesterday, Sunday 21 September 2008, there were a lot of people who wanted to experience the goodness of walking on the Tibetan bridge set up by the local section of the Alpine Club, taking advantage of the climbing wall set up on the Rock of the City of Zizzola.