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The 61,83 percent of the funds available already committed, with a contraction in the available funds for investments due to the lower revenues from urbanization costs due to the crisis in the international real estate market, with a budget that does not require additional maneuver to arrive to the balance at the end of the year and which, it is expected, will generate a surplus of more than € 100,000. In addition, the 53,19 percent of revenue has already been established, of which the 68,37% is in the tax sector only, which is the largest source of funding for the entity. These are, in summary, the data provided by the City of Bra's finance minister Claudio Lacertosa in submitting to the municipal council meeting Tuesday, 30, September 2009, during the report on balancing the accounts in the municipal accounts for 2008 and on the state of implementation of planned programs and projects for the current year, while highlighting decisions in the field of public finance that over the years have been penalizing local authorities.

Articulated, punctual and attentive was the discussion at Bra Council on Environmental Pollution in Via Piumati, at the Industrial Building. Two interpellations that minority advisers addressed to the Jury Squad for more information during the meeting that met yesterday, Tuesday 30 September 2008.

Approved the report on the analysis of the municipal budget balances 2008 and, unanimously, the thirty-second variation of the overall development plan, and devote a large part of the session to the discussion of the questions addressed by the directors to the Board, with particular attention to issues of ' pollution, after surveys carried out near a Piumati factory, and the demolition of architectural barriers in the city. These were the contents discussed at the Council of Bra, which met yesterday afternoon on Tuesday 30 September 2008.

"A year ago our offices have made a reconsideration of the situation and put on paper what are the architectural barriers present in the city. This is because the Junta's intention is to implement a program to break it down. Just in these days has been approved an urban redevelopment project in via Audisio and via Pollenzo that goes in this direction, so that in the three-year investment programs we have included sums to invest for this purpose and in the 2008 we spent one hundred thousand euros " . These words Councilor for Public Works of the City of Bra, Gianfranco Dallorto, in answer to a question tabled by the minority groups in the City Council yesterday, September 30 2008.

Part with the bang the new season of the Politeama Theater of Bra. Friday October 10 2008, starting at 18, will be presented in the foyer of the Piazza Carlo Alberto structure the playbill of the show for the new 2008-2009 season. Next, at 21, the maestro Claudio Scimone and his "Venetian Soloists" will perform an exceptional concert, just weeks after being awarded the "Fenice" the prize "A life in music 2008" association "Artur Rubinstein", which consecrated the greatest musicians of the international scene.