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In recent days, a police patrol of the municipal police in Bra has had to intervene in Piazza Roma to carry out the findings of a claim in which one of the two protagonists, immediately after the incident, had fled. After having carried out the remarks and listened to the witnesses present, the agents immediately started investigations to arrive at the identification of the motorcyclist, going to the emergency room of Bra to check if there was an injured person due to an accident.

Monday 16 March 2009 the "pedibus" of Bra, the caravan that allows you to walk to the various city schools, opens a new line in the village Bandito. With terminus and stops in Strada Vecchia Torino, via Visconti Venosta 104 (near the bus shelter) and via Visconti Venosta number 3, the students of the elementary schools of the most populous fraction of Braida can reach, in a safe path, the "Iona ".

The appointments with the animated readings of Bra's "Lunedì in biblioteca" continue the 23 March 2009 with "Gocciolino l'acchiappapoggia", which will involve the animators of the cultural association "Stregatocacolor" in the children's room of the civic library. There is in a faraway country a child who everyone calls Gocciaolino the Raincover, because he is the only one to understand the magic of the rain, to know how to appreciate the benefits that it is able to give, to be able to listen to the magic sound of the drops that they fall down.

21 2009 will officially open on Saturday 11, with a ceremony scheduled starting from 2, the micronido of via De Gasperi, the structure dedicated to childcare services that since last October has hosted twenty-four children between zero and three years, allowing significantly reduce the waiting list for the municipal nursery school. Result of the partnership between the municipal administration of the city of Zizzola and the local health company CnXNUMX, which has also reserved a company nest inside the structure, the service guarantees the same quality standards ensured by the municipal nursery school in via Caduti del work. (Rg)
It will be a Benese company to carry out the works of the new municipal warehouse in Bra, in via Palma di Cesnola. To make it known the offices of the distribution of municipal works that have completed the tender for the assignment of the service. For an auction base of over four hundred thousand euros, out of the five hundred of the overall project, the Di Piazza di Benevagienna company was awarded the job by offering a discount of just over thirty per cent, as part of a public evidence procedure that involved five other companies. (Rg)