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Sebastiano Taricco, master of the Piedmontese Baroque born in Cherasco in the 1641, has left numerous works on the territory, significant but still little known. The guided itinerary "The Piedmontese baroque between Bra and Cherasco, on the trail of a rediscovered artist" will allow Sunday 26 May to discover the precious works of art left by Taricco in the city of Zizzola and in that of Paci.

From the 17 to the 21 June will take place the cartoon workshop at the Museo Civico of Palazzo Traversa di Bra: a full-time week in which 20 children from 6 to 11 years will realize a cartoon about Leonardo da Vinci and Giovanni Piumati, the famous braidese who translated the Leonardo codes into the 800.
The initiative, organized by the Associazione Culturale La Scatola Gialla, is a unique opportunity to learn how to create a cartoon and to discover the work of the great Leonardo Da Vinci and Giovanni Piumati, a scholar of Brahman. The project, in its second edition, had seen last year the children involved in the creation of a cartoon about Castricia, a Roman girl. This year the choice of the topic fell on Giovanni Piumati, whose work is also kept at the Palazzo Traversa Museum. The Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Bra Biagio Conterno explains: "Like Giovanni Piumati, with his research and translation work he has handed down the work of Leonardo, so, today, our boys, with the contemporary language of the film of animation, allow their peers to know the work of Piumati, in a sort of great metaphor of the transmission of knowledge ".

Democracy, equality, justice, peace, dignity, freedom. In the European Year of Citizens, the Bra Children's Book Fair dedicates its fourteenth edition to the "Words of Europe". From the 22 to the 26 May in the spaces of the Movicentro, in Piazza Caduti di Nassiriya, next to the railway station, the youngest citizens of the European Union - from three to fourteen - will learn more about the history, rights and geography of culture, " united but plural ", through the magical world of books. For five days the best of children's publishing will be at home under the Zizzola, with over 11 thousand titles at the exhibition market, many workshops dedicated to schools and visitors, authors present at the event and ready to meet young and old, guided tours and a train to travel the city, four exhibitions, thematic competitions, a newspaper that everyone can become editors and many shows scheduled.

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The aloud reading workshops for children continue at the municipal library of Bra. Monday 20 May, at 17, 04 Workshop will tell the story of "Riccio capriccio and galletto bulletto". The young readers between the ages of three and seven on the following Monday, 27 May, again at 17 in Via Guala, will have special speakers. In fact, it will be the boys of the 1 ° E class of the Bra Media School who will conduct the appointment, with "We tell about all the colors: choose a fairy tale".

"If we deal with problems with the right spirit of cohesion and communion, aware that everyone can help to put it in a piece and go in the same direction, we can already give answers and go to the resolution of the issues that are affecting us. , you must be aware that you can not get anywhere. " So the mayor of Bra Bruna Sibille wanted to summarize the set of initiatives launched in the city to overcome the main problems that communities suffer in this period of economic crisis: home and work. On that occasion, the parish priests of Sant'Andrea and Sant'Antonino, Don Giorgio and Gilberto Garrone, wanted to allocate a sum of money collected among the faithful to feed the municipal fund that allows the activation of work grants.