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Yesterday's children meet today's children at the Toy Museum in Bra. Sunday XNUMX April, starting from XNUMX in via Guala XNUMX, young visitors can spend a fun afternoon with LudoBus: big wooden games and popular tradition will animate the museum courtyard with shots to the target, puzzles, street games, races of spinning tops and marbles, all accompanied by a construction workshop with natural materials.

After the positive feedback of the itineraries on the sites of the Resistance organized in the past years, on the occasion of the Liberation Day this year the initiative doubles.

A "merengues" campus in Bra. The city of Zizzola has been chosen by the Fundàcion Real Madrid as one of the two Italian offices (the other is the Milanese Vimodrone, ed) of its prestigious summer camps in twenty-three countries around the world. This was possible thanks to the action of the municipal administration and AC Bra, which will make available to young athletes the sports facilities of the "Attilio Bravi" sports park of the Madonna dei fiori.

Voting home for those who, due to serious illness, can not leave their homes. It is one of the opportunities that can be requested within XNUMX May XNUMX at the municipal office of Bra, with the opportunity to cast their vote for the European, regional and administrative elections of XNUMX next May directly at home.

"The constant delays and the unintentional suppression of convoys on the SfmXNUMX Bra-Torino Stura railway line can cause disaffection in service and frustrate the long and positive work done up to now". So the mayor of Bra, Bruna Sibille, wanted to represent Trenitalia, the Turin Metropolitan Mobility Agency and the Piedmontese regional administration the many complaints that the users of the service wanted to represent in recent weeks.