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The experimentation has started, announced in recent months, for access only after online booking at Pollenzo collection center, recently completely renovated. The new operating mode, also suggested by the Piedmont Region given the epidemiological emergency and aimed at improving the quality of the service, can be used by connecting to the place, in the "reservations" area . Users will be able to register and choose the day and time (with a time slot of 15 minutes) to book access to the collection center in an exclusive and guaranteed way. The surveillance staff - being called to interact each time with a single user - will be able to advise more accurately the correct separation of waste, with consequent improvement of the quality of incoming and outgoing materials, in a process in complete safety and without gatherings.

Book a book and pick it up at the Civic Library, while still observing anti-Covid regulations. From 7 December it will also be possible in Bra, at the premises of Via Guala 45, thanks to the activation of the new take away loan service, which is currently starting in various Italian civic libraries.

Three internships in the municipal offices of Bra in favor of the unemployed and the unemployed, aimed at job placement or reintegration and the acquisition of professional skills that can be spent in the labor market.

The Ministry of the Interior has provided a new fund to support families in difficulty due to the pandemic. For the Municipality of Bra this translates into an allocation of 157.223 euros, which will be assigned in the form of "shopping vouchers" to be used for the purchase of foodstuffs at the shops indicated in a special list that will be published on the website in the coming days Internet of the Municipality.

The grants will be paid according to three bands:

  • 200 euros for families consisting of one or 2 people
  • 300 euros for groups of 3 or more people
  • 400 euros for families with minors and disabled people regardless of the number of members of the nucleus.

Citizens resident in Bra whose family unit has suffered an income reduction in the first half of 2020 compared to the last half of 2019 due to the termination / suspension of work or the loss / reduction of the employment relationship can access the benefit ; who have a family unit whose members are holders or joint holders of one or more bank or postal current accounts whose total balance, at the date of submission of the application, is less than 5.000 euros; that the family does not have real estate properties, other than the main residence, which are leased. The shopping vouchers will be issued until the contribution assigned to the Municipality of Bra is exhausted and in any case the requests presented by families with the presence of minor children or disabled people will be considered as a priority.

Le questions they can be presented starting from Wednesday 2 December and until 12 noon on Friday 11 December 2020 exclusively through the digital platform at The application, to which a copy of the applicant's identity document must be attached, constitutes a self-certification attesting to the existence of the conditions for accessing the contributions, the veracity of which will be subject to verification by the municipal administration.

For more information contact the Municipal Personnel Services Office at 0172.438238 or by email by writing to (Rb)

Info: City of Bra - Personal Services
tel. 0172.438238 -

Attached is the link to the video and the Christmas initiative of the day center "Il Girasole" in Narzole, managed as part of the Social Assistance Services in a territorial agreement, led by the Municipality of Bra.