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In addition to Spreitembach, Weil der Stadt, San Sosti and Corral de Bustos - without forgetting the cities of Gualdo Tadino, Badalucco, Saint Pons and the Chinese county of Yongchang, with which we have signed a friendship pact - soon Bra will have another city twin: we are talking about Bethlehem. The official green light for the new bond arrived during the City Council yesterday, when the assembly unanimously accepted the proposed resolution on the matter, marking a happy ending to a project born about a year ago during a meeting of the School of peace.

On Monday 23 November 2020 the Municipal Council of Bra returned to meet electronically. Before moving on to the discussion of the various points on the agenda, the assembly wanted to take a clear position against those who express denial positions towards Covid and above all they rush against the health personnel. Majority and opposition have expressed full solidarity with those who are fighting against this terrible epidemic.

On the occasion of the World Day against Violence against Women, Wednesday 25 November, the Municipality of Bra promotes a series of initiatives organized by the Municipal Council for Equal Opportunities, to induce reflection and to root even more deeply that absolute respect that is necessary for the growth of a civil society.

Bra Orienta is back again this year, initiative dedicated to the choice of the course of study to be undertaken after the eighth grade, organized by the Municipality of Bra and the Network of Higher Schools in Bra, in collaboration with the Orso Cooperative and the “Obiettivo Orientation Piedmont”.

Download this file (BRA-1.pdf ORIENTATION PROGRAM)ORIENTATION PROGRAM BRA-1.pdf[The Bra Orienta 2020 program]970 kB

The Arpa Industriale di Bra donated to the Municipality of Bra 25 sanitizing dispensers made of fenix, an innovative material created by the company from Bra, which were placed at the entrances of the municipal services.

“I thank Arpa Industriale for the generous donation - comments the mayor Gianni Fogliato -. In this difficult moment I am heartened by the spirit of collaboration that sees us united in constant confrontation, aimed at fighting together the consequences of the pandemic ”.