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Prize ceremony yesterday morning, 19 May 2005, at the Children's Book Show, students who participated in the environmental education project: "Energina - a common idea that saves every morning", realized by the City of Bra in collaboration with Elyo Italia, an energy and environment management company.

It will take place Saturday, 28 May 2005 at 21, at Teatro Politeama, the inauguration concert of the brass band and wind band of the Civic Institute Musical "Adolfo Gandino" by Bra.
The professor Alessandro Caruana will be on stage for the brass quintet, with students Luca Tagliapietra and Giacomo Sacco, who will be appreciated with the virtuosity of the trumpet and Professor Marco Tosello, with students Marco Gallo and Giovanni Mollo who will perform at the horn , and also Marco Bossolasco who will be engaged in the bass tubing.

Departing with the bang for the sixth edition of the "Children's Book Salon" by Bra. Officially inaugurated only in the late afternoon of today, Wednesday 18 May 2005, since the morning was unchanged the replacement of classes in the various reading, writing and comic workshops in the city.
As a tradition, the "2005 Salon" was the members of the City Council of Bra boys who underlined the richness and vastness of the works (18.000 titles) along the exhibition path. "Reading is a bit like putting your wings on your feet," said the young people who alternated with the microphone, promising that "when the lights of the show will turn off we will continue to read", hoping that adults can also do so.

Closes with record numbers the 2005 edition of the "Children's Book Salon" by Bra. In the five days of the event, the 20.000 attendances recorded last year were abundantly overcome, with arrivals from Liguria and Lombardy as well as from every corner of Piedmont.
1500 messages of peace posted in a big tazebao by young people who visited the "Salon", many of them having the chance to know the meaning of when they are lacking in loudness by journalists of the newspaper "La Stampa" who came to the "Salone "To tell their experiences of" warriors ". 200 the workshops offered during the review and a good turnover for libraries, which have sold 11.000 titles among the most representative of the Italian publishing industry in the kids sector, with 40 present authors who met 70 classes to confront their own texts previously read by young participants in the meetings.

The new waste collection and waste service along with the information campaign "Separate is never too late", carried out by the Bra Municipality in collaboration with Sea and the ERICA cooperative has reached a percentage of 34,67% January 2005, 37,62% in February, 41,51% in March and April 43,23%. The goal of the 35% indicated by the 22 / 97 (Ronchi law) has therefore been extensively exceeded.