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A more frequent convocation of the City Council of Bra. This is the request of the left-wing Democrat leader Claudio Gallizio, in the very long session (nine hours) that opened in the late afternoon of yesterday, Monday 30 January 2006.
During the evening, the Environment Advisor, Giovanni Marco Gallo, also announced that Bra has reached the 50% of separate collection and for these merits, in the coming days, will be rewarded in Turin among the "Recyclons Municipalities" of Piedmont . The central theme of the session, the solution to the city-related issue related to the construction of the Town of Bra of Montenero street (referred to in another article) and the discussion of numerous motions and interpellations.

"With the two resolutions we will vote tonight, we find a solution to what was wrong in the past, with an improvement in the services offered by Bra's Brain Clinic on the territory." This is the synthesis of Deputy Mayor of Bra, Giovanni Comoglio, at the end of the long debate last night on Monday 30 January 2006 at the City Council, about the urban planning situation of Montenero Street Clinic. Two measures for the attention of the assembly: the possibility of regularizing volumes built in the past and not correctly counting and a derogation from the current regulatory plan that would allow an extension of the nursing home.

Music, prose, great performers and two very limited versions of the tradition of the national melodrama. It is a prestigious program of the intense February intro to the theater for Politeama "Boglione" by Bra. Just in this month some of the most anticipated shows of the entire billboard will be staged along the aisles of the square Carlo Alberto.

"If I am here tonight to tell my story many years ago, I have to go to Louis and Maria Oberto, who were recognized by Israel as" Righteous Among the Nations ". It is the most moving passage of Bianca Hessel Schlesinger, a Croatian Jew who escaped the lager, present at Bra's "Giovanni Arpino" Multifunctional Center, last Friday, 27 January 2006, on the Day of Memory.

Ex- "Giancattivo", actor of cabaret, cinema and theater, endowed with self-irony and versatile versatility, Alessandro Benvenuti will be the protagonist, along with Gianni Pellegrino, of the next prose show scheduled at Teatro Politeama di Bra. On stage Bra, Sunday February 12 2006 to 21, "Like two drops of water", a play developed by actor and Tuscan director with dramaturgical collaboration of Ugo Chiti, with original music by Patrizio Fariselli and the lights of Mauritius Viani.