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Bra arrived this morning to Bra, the fifteen children from Belarus who will participate, just like every year, on the planned therapeutic stay schedule for young people arriving from areas affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Accepted by the Delegate Advisor to the Association of Friends of Chernobyl Children, Bruna Sibille, the fifteen Belarusians and their accompanying, were officially greeted at the "Giovanni Arpino" Cultural Center for Culture and were welcomed by the families who will host them during the period of stay in the city.

XNUMX will open on Monday and will be closed on Friday XNUMX September for the XNUMX-XNUMX Courses of the Civic Institute of Music "Adolfo Gandino" from Bra. In addition to the regular courses that follow the ministerial programs for State Conservatives, the program developed by the artistic coordinator Giuseppe Allione and his collaborators is able to satisfy every need.

Investments in Bra continue in the area to accommodate production facilities underway in Monviso, via Piumati and Artijo Roof Road, west of the city center.

We started this morning, XNUMX on Monday XNUMX, and Bra's work on the upgrading of the Venti Settembre square. After setting up the yard in the raised part of the square, work on the Rocca will serve to move the road axis to the hilly area to ensure wider and larger pedestrian zone sidewalks.

The book, published by Alberto Vissio Scarzello, has been released these days, entitled "Euclide Milano and Bra's History and Art Museum", in which he recalled the story of one of the protagonists of the city's cultural life of the early twentieth century. The pages of the volume, edited by the Pro Loco "The Tower" of Pollenzo, are open by the prefects of the Mayor of Bra, Camillo Scimone, and the Cultural Resources Resident Michelino Davico.