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"Pedibus" ends with Bra's "adventure" by winning in generosity. This morning, Wednesday 6 June 2007, the three classes who won the first prize of the 2007 edition of the "walking buses" donated the sum won by participating in the initiative. In the presence of Bra's municipal councilor Roberto Russo, the director of the 1 ° circus Giorgio Odasso and the teachers participating in the project, with the participation of Cristina Banchio, Pedibus municipal manager, fifth class B of Primary School " Edoardo Mosca ", during a brief but touching ceremony, handed over the 500 Euro check to the head of the pediatric division of Bra's Spirito Hospital Bra, Dr. Alberto Serra, a sum that will be used to purchase equipment for the department.

The conferences linked to the 2 June, Republic Day, continue to Bra. Yesterday morning, Tuesday 5 June 2007, the mayor of Bra Camillo Scimone, accompanied by the municipal councilor Roberto Russo, met Professor Amleto Cicerale, a newly wounded citizen of the Knighthood of Order "On the merits of the Italian Republic". On the assignment of the prefect of Cuneo Bruno D'Alfonso, the first citizen officially delivered the insignia to the new Knight, with a short ceremony taking place in the home of the recipient of the honor.

Three projects from the City of Bra, to include volunteers who decide to engage in civil service. The announcement of the call for participation in voluntary national civil service projects will be published in the coming days, which can be accessed by Italian citizens and citizens who, at the time of application, were eighteen years of age and did not exceed twenty-eight.

Friday 15 June launches the first edition of the Volume Summer Festival, an independent music festival by ARTZZ's cultural association in collaboration with the Province of Cuneo, the City of Bra and with the support of Credito Cooperativo di Cherasco, Rumore, Rockerilla and Piedmont Independent Fest.

It will be active in the neighborhood of Caracolì in Bogotá, in a particularly degrading area of ​​the Colombian city. It is a new facility that will provide young people in the neighborhood with educational and playgrounds as well as training and start-up courses through the production of sewing, electronics, computer science, cooking, computer and nursing workshops. In the framework of the "A Bridge between Bra and Bogota" initiative, this new project is the result of a collaboration between the Bra Aiuta Onlus Association, Fondazione Ninos de la Guerra, Hombres de Paz, founded by the braid Father Gianfranco Testa, Consolation Missionary and Municipal Sociocastal Department of Bra.