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Sunday XNUMX June XNUMX in Bra vote for the ballot for the election of the mayor. It turns from XNUMX to XNUMX. Electors who have reached the age of majority on the date of the XNUMX May XNUMX, first round of administrative elections, can participate in the vote. Remember to check the availability of spaces on your ballot and the validity of your identity card.

The municipal council for equal opportunities in Bra, at the end of its mandate, presents the show "The red handkerchief", scheduled for Thursday XNUMX June XNUMX at XNUMX at the Teatro Politeama Boglione, in Piazza Carlo Alberto.

The Municipalities of Bra and Cherasco, in agreement with the Piedmontese Mobility Agency, at the end of the second week of experimentation of the new local public transport service (LPT), in collaboration with the Autolinee SACSrl, service manager, have elaborated a revision to the XNUMX Line

A "gallery" of meetings with the great contemporary masters of photography in an itinerary between words and images. Aldo Galliano's exhibition "My travels, my meetings", the result of a journey that for some years engages the artist from Cuneo and which has resulted in a series of portraits, has been inaugurated at XNUMX in Bra at Palazzo Mathis on Saturday in XNUMX in Bra.

Doors open to the nest and to the municipal micronids of Bra. To let families know about the structures that deal with the educational service for the first and very first childhood, from XNUMX to XNUMX on Thursday XNUMX June XNUMX it will be possible to visit the municipal crèche “Cesara and Enrico Garbarino” in via Caduti del Lavoro XNUMX and the micronids of via Senator Sartori XNUMXb and of via Vittorio Emanuele II XNUMX.