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Doors open to summer in the civic library in Bra. Even in good weather, the "Giovanni Arpino" in via Guala awaits young and old readers in its air-conditioned rooms, to borrow books or browse newspapers, magazines and manuals.

Also in XNUMX the Municipality of Bra will support families in difficulty in dealing with situations of "pharmaceutical emergency". According to what is established by the dedicated announcement, the drug voucher can be used for the purchase of over-the-counter and C-grade drugs with or without a prescription and parapharmaceuticals.

A stay at the beach for the elderly of Bra is being planned in September, promoted by the Municipality of Bra with the Arci-Unitre. The period identified is from the XNUMX to the XNUMX September XNUMX and guests will stay at the Garden Hotel (three stars) in Laigueglia. The participation fee, for XNUMX nights, is XNUMX euro per person (single XNUMX euro supplement) in full board. Located at XNUMX meters from the sea and XNUMX from the historic center, the hotel has a large terrace overlooking the Gallinara island. The rooms have a balcony, bathroom with shower, heating, TV, direct dial telephone, safe. The cost of the round trip by bus is XNUMX euros for residents of Bra, XNUMX for non-residents. The participation fee does not include the tourist tax. Bookings can be made by September XNUMX against payment of the transport fee and an XNUMX euro deposit. For more information, please join the Arci Bra Unitre in via Gianolio, XNUMX at the XNUMX XNUMX. (it's at)

Info: Bra City - Personal Services
tel. XNUMX - servizi.persona@comune.bra.cn.it

At the end of the XNUMX / XNUMX educational year, the Bra nursery, with the collaboration of psychologist and psychotherapist Silvia Spinelli, proposes a moment of confrontation on the beginning of kindergarten. The meeting on Wednesday XNUMX June XNUMX, XNUMX hours, which will be held in the conference hall of the "Arpino" Multifunctional is aimed in particular at the families of children born in the XNUMX, whether attending the nest or not, and all the children who in September will begin the path of kindergarten. The evening will be the occasion for a confrontation on the educational competences that will be required at the nursery school and on how we can accompany the little ones to face this step. In fact, the first years of each child's life are fundamental for the development of linguistic, logical, communicative, social and relational skills; these skills are preparatory to a good integration in nursery school and support learning in general. Participation in the meeting is free and reserved for adults. More information by e-mail by writing to asilonido@comune.bra.cn.it or by calling XNUMX XNUMX.

Info: City of Bra - Kindergarten
Tel. XNUMX - asilonido@comune.bra.cn.it

Following the request expressed in recent months by the "Working table on the detection of air quality in Alba and Bra" and at the request of the municipal administration, the Piedmont Region has assigned a new control unit for the detection of fine dust in the air to the territory of Bra by starting, with Arpa (Regional Environmental Protection Agency), the procedures necessary for the installation so that the instrument can be in operation for the coming autumn.