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The operations of the central election office were concluded today (Monday XNUMX June) following the run-off round on Sunday XNUMX June XNUMX for the election of the Mayor of Bra. The seat, chaired by the magistrate Dr. Belli, validated the final results, proclaiming Giovanni Fogliato elected to the office of Statutory Auditor for the XNUMX – XNUMX period, with XNUMX votes (XNUMX%).

In Bra on Sunday XNUMX June the balloting round took place for the direct election of the Mayor and the City Council.

Below are the results of the consultation, which saw the XNUMX% of those eligible at the ballot box:


XNUMX June XNUMX ballot results


During the first round of Sunday XNUMX May XNUMX went to the polls XNUMX% of those entitled to designate the new mayor and city council. The final results of the first round of municipal voting, validated in May XNUMX by the Central Electoral Office chaired by the magistrate Dr. Belli, can be consulted at the following link:

The results of the XNUMX municipal elections in May XNUMX



Below is also the data relating to the Regional and European elections in Bra:


The results of the XNUMX regional elections in May XNUMX

The results of the European elections of XNUMX in May XNUMX




In the last few days some reports have come to the Command of the Municipal Police of Bra about the presence in the city of individuals who wander among the houses and, posing as municipal technicians, public services (water and gas), law enforcement personnel or simply by giving themselves fancy names, they try to steal the trust of citizens in order to access homes to presumably commit fraud and theft.

A concert that "reaffirms" the friendship between Bra and Saint-Pons: appointment XNUMX June XNUMX on Saturday, at XNUMX, in the inner courtyard of Palazzo Mathis where the ensemble and choir of Saint-Pons will perform, the town located in the Valley French of Ubaye linked to Bra by a pact of friendship born in the sign of the family of the saint Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo, originally from the transalpine village and then moved to Bra.

From Friday XNUMX to Sunday XNUMX June the curtain rises on Bra for “Streetgames - Torneo XNUMX balls Bra XNUMX. #energiasportiva sotto la Zizzola "! It is the first official stop and also the first time ever in the Piedmontese city. A three-day sport first of all, but combined with fun and aggregation as the Streetgames philosophy wants and also that of the Tre Palloni association from Bra, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bra and with the contribution of the CRC Foundation.