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Beginning in early July, it washes the containers for the collection of wet waste in Bra. In consideration of the high temperatures of these days and the type of waste collected, starting from Tuesday XNUMX July XNUMX in the streets of the historic center, from the central Via Vittorio Emanuele to the entire upper part of the city, the company in charge of waste collection in the city , the Ambiente XNUMX consortium, will wash the containers delivered in recent months with the launch of the new collection system.

In the following days, according to a calendar shown below, the remaining areas of the city will also be involved in the operations. In areas affected by washing it is advisable to leave the containers exposed at least until XNUMX. For any inefficiencies or needs, it is always possible to contact the municipal Ecosportello at the XNUMX number during the opening hours of the service, ie every morning from Monday to Saturday from XNUMX to XNUMX in addition to Tuesday afternoons (XNUMX - XNUMX) and Thursday (XNUMX - XNUMX), or by writing to ecosportello@strweb.biz.

Below is the schedule of interventions, divided between zones A and B in which the collection days are divided, as communicated by the company in charge.


Zone A



Expected date: XNUMX / XNUMX / XNUMX Tuesday


XNUMX. Via Vittorio Emanuele II

XNUMX. Via Balau

XNUMX. Via Vittore Testa

XNUMX. Via Serra

XNUMX. Via Moffa di Lisio

XNUMX. Vicolo San Francesco -

XNUMX. Via Rambaudi

XNUMX. Via Sant'Ignazio

XNUMX. Via Beato Valfré

XNUMX. Via Rombon

XNUMX. Corso G. Garibaldi

XNUMX. Piazza Conte GD Grione

XNUMX. Piazza Caduti della Libertà

XNUMX. Via San G. Battista

XNUMX. Piazza XX Settembre

XNUMX. Corso Cottolengo

XNUMX. Vicolo Chiaffrini

XNUMX. Via Piroletto

XNUMX. Spreitenbach Square

XNUMX. Via Barbacana

XNUMX. Via San Germano

XNUMX. Via P. Brizio

XNUMX. Via Veneria

XNUMX. Via Provvidenza

XNUMX. Via Pollenzo

XNUMX. Via Giardinieri

XNUMX. Vicolo S. Antonino

XNUMX. Via Bonino

XNUMX. Via Mendicità Istruita

XNUMX. Corso San Secondo -

XNUMX. Via B. Gianolio

XNUMX. Vicolo S. Spirito

XNUMX. Via Monte di Pieta '

XNUMX. Via Monte Guglielmo

XNUMX. Via T. Operti

XNUMX. Via R. De Braida

XNUMX. Via Parpera

XNUMX. Vicolo S. Andrea

XNUMX. Via S. Maria D. Castello

XNUMX. Via Ospedale




Expected date: XNUMX / XNUMX / XNUMX Saturday


XNUMX. Via Visconti Venosta

XNUMX. Via Canapai

XNUMX. Via Rio Giano

XNUMX. Casa del Bosco road (up to level crossing)

XNUMX. Via Prof. Cravero

XNUMX. Strada Crosassa

XNUMX. Way of the Church

XNUMX. Strada Favorita (from street S. Matteo to via Torino) ...

XNUMX. Strada Vecchia for Turin (between Via D. Orione and Strada Terlapini)

XNUMX. Via V. Mucci

XNUMX. Strada Terlapini (between via V. Venosta and via Don Orione)

XNUMX. Piazza G. Lenti

XNUMX. Via Don Orione (from Sanctuary to round Bandito DX and SX) - from roundabout of Bandito to Tetti Milanesi only left side

XNUMX. Piazza G. Arpino

XNUMX. Strada Gallotto (from via V. Venosta to level crossing)

XNUMX.Via Senator Sartori

XNUMX. Via Don Cremaschi (between via V. Venosta and via Don Orione)

XNUMX. Viale Constitution


XNUMX. Via Ascanio Sobrero


XNUMX. Via A. De Gasperi


XNUMX. Via Cafasso + Big Store


Expected date: XNUMX / XNUMX / XNUMX Tuesday


XNUMX. Via Umberto I

XNUMX. Via Audisio

XNUMX. Alley Sergeant Head

XNUMX. Via F.lli Carando

XNUMX. Via Santa Croce-

XNUMX. Via Trento and Trieste

XNUMX. Via San Rocco

XNUMX. Via E. Guala

XNUMX. Via A. Mathis

XNUMX. Largo della Resistenza

XNUMX. Piazza Carlo Alberto

XNUMX. Via Mercantini - + Police and Finance barracks (south of via GB Gandino)

XNUMX. Via C. Cavour ALL

XNUMX. Via F.lli Allocco

XNUMX. Via G. Marconi

XNUMX. Via Magenta -

XNUMX. Piazza Valfré di Bonzo

XNUMX. Via Palestro

XNUMX. Via A. Moro

XNUMX. Via GB Gandino (east side between via Solferino and via Palma di Cesnola)

XNUMX. Via G. Verdi

XNUMX. Piazza Martiri delle Foibe

XNUMX. Via Monte Grappa

XNUMX. Via G. Matteotti

XNUMX. Piazza Roma -

XNUMX. Via G. Mazzini

XNUMX. Via Principi di Piemonte

XNUMX. Via Craveri

XNUMX. Via A. Sarti

XNUMX. Via Fasola


XNUMX. Vicolo Fossaretto



Expected date: XNUMX / XNUMX / XNUMX Saturday


XNUMX. Viale Madonna dei Fiori

XNUMX. Via Torino (up to via Mascagni)

XNUMX. Via Campo Sportivo

XNUMX. Via Accademia degli Innominati

XNUMX. Via E. Brizio

XNUMX. Via Bellini

XNUMX. Via Crimea

XNUMX. Via Monteverdi

XNUMX. Via Mercantini (north of via GB Gandino)

XNUMX. Via Catalani

XNUMX. Via G. Pascoli

XNUMX. Via G. Puccini

XNUMX. Via Peschiera

XNUMX. Via G. Rossini

XNUMX. Via GB Gandino (between Via Solferino and Via Vittorio Emanuele II)

XNUMX. Via G. Traversa

XNUMX. Via Goito (east of Viale Risorgimento)

XNUMX. Via P. Mascagni

XNUMX. Viale Risorgimento (east side)

XNUMX. Via Palestrina

XNUMX. Via Sabotino

XNUMX. Strada San Matteo




Expected date: XNUMX / XNUMX / XNUMX Tuesday


XNUMX. Via Cuneo

XNUMX. Via Montello

XNUMX. Via Stura

XNUMX. Via Divisione Cuneense

XNUMX. Via Cherasco

XNUMX. Via Boglione

XNUMX. IV November course

XNUMX. Via Boves

XNUMX. Via G. Piumati (up to our yard)

XNUMX. Via A. La Marmora

XNUMX. Viale delle Rimembranze

XNUMX. Via Claudiano

XNUMX. Piazzale Boglione

XNUMX. Via Gabotto

XNUMX. Largo Europa

XNUMX. Via L. Cocito

XNUMX. Via Europa

XNUMX. Via Martial

XNUMX. Via A. Pertini

XNUMX. Via Monte Pasubio

XNUMX. Viale F.lli Rosselli

XNUMX. Via San Giovanni Bosco



Expected date: XNUMX / XNUMX / XNUMX Saturday



XNUMX. VIA DON ORIONE (from Bandito roundabout to Milanese hill side)












XNUMX. VIA G. PIUMATI from the Tangenziale to Fraz. Riva)








Zone B



Expected date: XNUMX / XNUMX / XNUMX


Viale Risorgimento from Via Brizio on the right side + crossroad that goes to the Palazzetto (west side)

Via De Amicis

Via Goito (west of Viale Risorgimento)

Via degli Alpini

Via Cacciatori delle Alpi

Via B. Croce

Via Curtatone

Via N. Costa

Via Solferino

Via Pastrengo

Via GB Gandino (west side between via Solferino and via Cesnola) Maxisconto side

Via Palma di Cesnola

Via A. and D. Ballerini

Strada Falchetto all and up to the Tangenziale

Viale Industria

Via G. Piumati from the Riva sign up

Via F. Crispi

Riva hamlet

Via Timavo

Strada Tetti Arlorio

Piazza G. Giolitti

Strada Matrotti

Via Caduti sul Lavoro (nursery school + red cross)

Freironi road

Via Gorizia

Chiossa Road

Piazza B. Fenoglio

Strada Boarini

Via E. Milan

Strada Scatoleri

Via V. Gioberti

Quinto Bianco street

Via G. Gozzano

Strada Bianchette

Via G. Carducci

Fifth Red Road

Via V. Alfieri

Strada Tetti Raimondi

Via M. d'Azeglio

Green Road


Strada Tetti Mattuda




Expected date: XNUMX / XNUMX / XNUMX Friday


Via Adige

Belvedere Road

Via Cacciorna

Gariglio Road

Via Coppa d'Oro

Strada Marie (from street S. Michele to Strada Fey di Mezzogiorno)

Via Isonzo

Strada San Michele (from Via Ospedale to Strada Castelletto)

Via Mascarelli

Castelletto road

Via San Giovanni Lontano

Strada Marie (beyond Fey di Mezzogiorno)

Via Tagliamento

Strada Sabecco

Via Turati

Strada San Michele (beyond Castelletto str.)

Via Volturno



Expected date: XNUMX / XNUMX / XNUMX Tuesday


XNUMX. Location Borgo San Martino

XNUMX. Strada della Bogliona

XNUMX. Location Borgonuovo

XNUMX. Banchetta location

XNUMX. Strada Antica d'Alba

XNUMX. Burdina Cruise Road

XNUMX. Strada Antica Pollenzo - Pocapaglia

XNUMX. Via Amedeo di Savoia

XNUMX. Viale G. Nogaris

XNUMX. Via Carlo Alberto

XNUMX. Via Plinio il Vecchio

XNUMX. Via Colosseo

XNUMX. Via Langhe

XNUMX. Via del Teatro

XNUMX. Strada Borgo San Martino

XNUMX. Via della Piana

XNUMX. Strada Franca

XNUMX. Via Fossano (internal inhabited corner of Via L. Einaudi)

XNUMX. Strada Rognetta

XNUMX. Via Regina Margherita

XNUMX. Tanaro road

XNUMX. Via Stilicone

XNUMX. Via Fossano (between Via L. Einaudi and Cascina Servetto)

XNUMX Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

XNUMX. Via L. Einaudi


XNUMX. Via Caduti Partigiani


XNUMX. Strada della Pedaggera



Expected date: XNUMX / XNUMX / XNUMX Friday


San Matteo hamlet

Strada Montenero

Favorita Road

Strada Fey di Mezzogiorno

Strada Gandini

Strada Orti

Strada Tetti Bona

Montelupa road

Via Torino

Strada Gerbido

Strada Vecchia Torino (whole hill side)

La Bassa road

Via Don Cremaschi (hill side) + SISTERS EX VILLA MOFFA

Chivola Road

Via Don Orione (beyond the Tetti Milanesi DX + SX road to Sanfre ')

Strada dei Molini

S Terlapini trada (hillside)

Strada Montenero (from piazza XX Settembre to street Montepulciano)

Strada della Cicala

Strada Fontana Operti

Pennacini Road

Strada Fey (between Via Balau and Strada S. Michele)

Strada Tetti Milanesi

Montepulciano road

Garombi road

Strada Montepulciano di Mezzogiorno

Strada Lavaceto

Strada Motta

Strada Montà della Radice

Via Don Pennanzio

Gallotto Road (after level crossing)

Strada Ronchi

Astica. (Ecosportello)

Info: City of Bra - Ecosportello

Tel. XNUMX - e

The new mayor of Bra, Gianni Fogliato, swore allegiance to the Italian Constitution during the first session of the new municipal council of Bra gathered in the Achille Carando hall on Wednesday XNUMX July XNUMX.

The session, chaired by Bruna Sibille as "senior councilor", opened with the procedure of validation of the elected representatives and with the election of the president of the municipal council. The majority proposed the name of Fabio Bailo (Bra City for a living) former councilor in the previous administration and first as president of the municipal council for five years, while for the minority, the councilor Annalisa Genta (Coraggio - Si cambia) proposed the name by Marco Ellena (Lega) disputing as an "institutional rudeness" that Bailo's proposal as chairman of the council had already been anticipated in the press before the meeting of the assembly delegated to the election. At the third vote (with relative majority XNUMX votes in favor, XNUMX white cards and XNUMX votes for Ellena) Bailo was elected president of the municipal council. Subsequently the councilors proceeded to the election of the vice-president: for the majority, the councilor Livio Astegiano proposed the name of Sergio Panero (Together for Panero - Civic Group) who accepted the candidature proposal not shared by the rest of the minority. At the vote, with XNUMX preferences, Panero was elected vice-president of the municipal council.

Wearing the tricolor flag, the mayor gave the inauguration speech and greeting by recalling some figures of former administrators, the guidelines of his administrative mandate and thanking supporters, collaborators and the municipal staff. The mayor also pointed out that, for the first time, the municipal council, the highest local administrative body, with the exclusion of itself, is composed of eight women councilors and eight men. Even the newly elected councilors, of majority and opposition, intervened to express their greetings and best wishes to all the assembly. During the session the council leaders were then indicated: Maria Milazzo for the Democratic Party (whose group includes Bruna Sibille, Raimondo Testa, Marina Isu, Iman Babakhali and Marta Basso); Livio Astegiano (Commitment to Bra, with Evelina Gemma); Francesco Testa (Bra Bene Comune), Fabio Bailo (Bra city for living); Marco Ellena (Lega, with Giuliana Mossino and Luca Cravero); Davide Tripodi (Bra Domani); Sergio Panero (Together for Panero-Civic Group); Annalisa Genta (Courage - Yes, change).

Also appointed representatives of the municipal council within the electoral commission (Isu, Testa and Mossino with Cravero Babakhali and Sibille substitutes) and in the commission for the formation of lists of popular judges (Basso and Ellena).

The new municipal council was then called to approve the first resolution on the agenda: a variation to the XNUMX budget that foresees, in particular, to allocate around XNUMX thousand of the XNUMX administration surplus for safety interventions in view of the September Cheese event. On the subject, the director Genta asked for some clarifications regarding the specific destination of the expense. The municipal secretary, Claudio Chianese, the person responsible for the security of the event, replied that the amount will be allocated to the specific security and surveillance personnel as required by the new regulatory provisions regarding major events. The group leaders Genta, Ellena and Panero expressed a favorable opinion on the resolution, agreeing on the relevance of the safety issue at Cheese. The document was therefore unanimously approved.

The complete video of the session is available on the website of the Municipality of Bra and on Common Bra channel Youtube . On the page Flicker Bra News some photos of the session are available (Credito Luciano Cravero). (it's at)

Info: City of Bra - General Secretariat
tel. XNUMX - segreteria@comune.bra.cn.it

Another appointment with photography at Palazzo Mathis in Bra. Saturday XNUMX July XNUMX inaugurates the personal exhibition of Julio Berisso. Italo Argentino, class XNUMX, graduated as a film director in Buenos Aires, from a very young age Berisso began to photograph street life by observing the daily flow

Seizures of vehicles in circulation continue without the compulsory compulsory insurance by patrols of the Municipal Police Braid Command.

Hot warning on Piedmont: according to the latest bulletin Arpa (Regional Environmental Protection Agency), a wave of heat is expected in the coming days that could bring perceived temperatures up to XNUMX degrees in the Cuneo area. The bulletin foresees a condition of discomfort with possible heat stroke, feelings of exhaustion and / or cramps following physical activity or prolonged exposure to the sun for which attitudes of "great caution" are recommended.

On the basis of the information disseminated by Arpa and the Piedmont Region, the Municipality of Bra also calls for the adoption of behaviors useful to prevent and mitigate the consequences of the heat wave, in particular for the most sensitive categories such as the elderly, the sick and children. The invitation is to avoid going out or exposing oneself to the sun during the hottest hours of the day, drink plenty of water to ensure adequate body hydration, wear light clothing. Many other useful tips are given in the material prepared by the Piedmont Region also available on the website of the Municipality of Bra in the section Civil Protection / Heat waves . Citizens are invited to consult this page periodically, in addition to the Regione Piemonte websites www.regione.piemonte.it and Arpa Piemonte www.arpa.piemonte.it for updates on heat wave forecast bulletins even for the days to come .

On the subject of local civil protection, the App - Smart Plan is also active with information and alerts on any critical issues that specifically concern the territory of Bra. (it's at)

Info: City of Bra - Civil Protection
tel. XNUMX- prociv@comune.bra.cn.it