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His Excellency Monsignor Dho Sebastiano will be present at the Town Hall in Bra, Tuesday 28 September 2010 in the municipal council room at eighteen. The Mayor of Bra, Bruna Sibille, in this occasion welcomes the message of Pope Benedict XVI who through the encyclical "Caritas in Veritate" also addresses the political world. Monsignor Dho, Bishop of Alba since 1993 is a member of the Episcopal Commission for Catholic Education, School and University. Monsignor Dho, with his significant visit, will comment on the various passages of the Letter to the Bishops and to the whole Catholic world

The news of a company closure will surely create scalpore and passes of mouth in mouth giving rise to solidarity with those who will no longer receive a salary. Since last June, however, such a news seems to be passing in silence in public silence. After a meeting in the City Hall with some teachers and in the presence of the councilors Fogliato, Conterno and Borrelli, the Mayor of Bra, Bruna Sibille, wants to express a strong thought about it by denouncing a sad reality. A people of ghosts have come to create, a people scattering in a fog and no one sees or pretends not to see. As a first citizen and as a teacher, he wants to raise public attention to this new plague that has also hit our territory.

Two days of party, seamless. It's what happens from Saturday afternoon 26 at Sunday evening 27 September 2010 at Bra. To open "The City on One Night", the white night at the wig, with a tight program of events that will put the city of Zizzola in a different light, while Sunday 27 will be consecrated to the enogastronomic excellence of Piedmont, for the 16th edition of "Courtyard courtyard", the itinerary in search of good things among the over hundred courtyards of the old town open for the occasion. It opens to the 17 with the pro loco in the square From 17 on Saturday 26 September, the city is dressed in new colors. Each corner of the historic center will thus take on a different light, with music, art exhibitions, animations, games and unique opportunities to live differently in the city. All squares will feature a specific theme, while shops and places of culture will be open until late. The central square of Carlo Alberto will be entirely reserved for the locals. From all over the province of Cuneo, sixty associations will impersonate a happening of ancient flavors, traditions and performances, enclosing in the perimeter of the square all the ability to celebrate in Granda. In the same square, from 21, the Politeama Theater will become the "House of Theater" with a series of no stop performances. In the large courtyard between Via Vittorio Emanuele and via Marconi protagonists will be the typical of the good table. Unavailable products, a selection of the best Piedmontese artisan beers, a well-stocked wine cellar where you can taste some of the best labels of the noble Langhe and Roero wines. These are the contents that will make the "Courtyard of taste" a space to be missed in the long night of the wig. At the same time, all the venues of the historic center will be an extraordinary edition of "Aperitifs in Console", the springtime initiative for young people with dj sets, live sessions and food & drinks. A square in music, animated museums The baroque triumph of Piazza Caduti for freedom will be transformed for the occasion in the "Piazza della Musica" with artists, bands, bands and folklorists who will perform seamlessly, proposing a repertoire of seven notes ranging from classic to pop, from the music of tradition to the hits of the moment. In addition, during the evening, dancers, singers, actors, imitators, and prestigators will be able to show that pasta is made, with the quarter-hour of Wahro's celebrity that will be given to all those who want to try the stage, of a popular jury (registration and registration on the site In the evening and at night, multisalaes in the city will offer a special movie schedule. Lovers of good reading, even the civic library will offer occasions to read in company. Animation also in the three civic museums. At the "Craveri" museum of natural history, it is imperative to observe the stars, on an evening that will also involve the Astophilia Astigiano group. In the palatial rooms of Traversa, home of the Art and Archeology Museum, you will be back in time, enjoying the dishes of ancient Rome in a special dinner entitled "Invitation to M.'s house Luchrezio Cresto ", the" mercator vinarius "of ancient times. In the toy museum hall there will be a special night for the little ones, "Nottina bianca", for example, with games, animation activities, reading laboratories, baby dance. Taboos and young artists For lovers of art, there are plenty of opportunities to appreciate well-established artists and young promises. Mathis palace also opens the anthology dedicated to one of the most qualified exponents of the pictorial Piedmontese school of the twentieth century, Francesco Tabusso, while in the courtyard of the historic palace the students of the musical institute "Adolfo Gandino" will alternate in concert. At the Nassirya Square Movement, emerging artists will propose their works and installations, within the "2 identity", the exhibition-competition that wants to find young talents in the fields of art.

The uniqueness of Bra's sausage, with the exotic taste of spices that flavor the original bagged Piedmontese veal meat. The "plin" agnolots, with the "pinch" to enclose the thin egg pasta on the fard. The sauce features, red and green, to accompany and give color to an absolute quality. Great cheeses, great wines, all to enjoy without stopping. These are the ingredients of "Courtyard Courtyard", a restaurant dedicated to Piedmontese gastronomy that returns to Bra, for the sixteenth time, Sunday 26 September 2010. Unchanged ingredients that have decreed the success and longevity of the event: a selection of typical local cuisine to be enjoyed in over one hundred characteristic courtyards of the historic center, many of which are open to the public once a year. Tens of thousands of expected attendance, for an event that will allow two thousand lucky ones to complete the gastronomic itinerary, which allows you to dine in the courtyards by meeting all the courses of the party feast: from appetizer to sweet. For all others, a Sunday inspired by taste, culture, knowledge and fun, with animation and music at the different corners of the city. Double the way to the gastronomic itinerary Double departure for those who want to eat in the courtyards. At noon or at thirteen, starting from the reception of the gardens of Piazza Roma, right in front of the railway station. The first stop is the aperitif, followed by Bra sausage, the famous sweet peppers of Carmagnola and some cruditées of vegetables served in pinzimonio. At the first dish, the tiny plum plums with roasted sauce, followed by the triumph of calf meat from the Piedmont breed of carrots: a sumptuous mixed boil accompanied by sauces. In the city that every two years hosts Cheese, the most important international chefs dedicated to quality dairy products, could not miss a garnished plateau of protected designation of cheeses that took shape in the Cuneo valleys. Everything before closing with the hazelnut cake, cooked with the precious "round and gentle Langhe" variety, accompanied by the zabaione. It closes with the coffee, for a path where each dish will be accompanied by one of the noble wines of the Langhe and Roero hills. In addition, in collaboration with Baratti and Milan, a "sweet Bra" all to discover. The participation fees are € 25 for the entire food and wine tour (eight euros for children and special prices for organized groups or for those arriving by train in the city), with a limit of two thousand seats served to the first who will be booked at the number municipal office phone booth, the 0172.430185.

Giovanni Fogliato, Bra Council Councilor during the meeting with the pupils and parents of the middle school Piumati, Madonna Fiori primary school and the mother of Via Cacciatori delle Alpi, reiterated the importance of team play between the world of school and institutions. A team game in which each component has a specific and functional role in achieving the same objective: to create fertile ground where values ​​and values ​​worthy of an evolved and conscious society can be cultivated.