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After excellent feedback from the first weeks of the start of the new collection methods, which began last February, the positive trend of data on waste production and differentiation continues in Bra. At the end of the first four months of activation of the collection of undifferentiated waste in the "compliant bag", the citizens of Bergamo are certainly promoted given that the amount of differentiated waste has exceeded 90 per cent.

Starting from 17 June 2019 Monday the Bra Energia company will begin the work of laying the district heating network in Piazza Carlo Alberto, in the section between via San Rocco and via Umberto (on the Politeama Boglione theater side). The works, whose term is scheduled for the first week of July, except for particular meteorological or unexpected conditions, during the first two weeks will involve the stretch between via Umberto and via San Rocco, while in the last week the connection with the user to be connected in via San Rocco.

The operations of the central election office were concluded today (Monday 10 June) following the run-off round on Sunday 9 June 2019 for the election of the Mayor of Bra. The seat, chaired by the magistrate Dr. Belli, validated the final results, proclaiming Giovanni Fogliato elected to the office of Statutory Auditor for the 2019 – 2024 period, with 7521 votes (57.09%).

New municipal councilors were also proclaimed, representing their respective electoral lists. Among the groups that supported Giovanni Fogliato's candidacy for mayor, Biagio Conterno, Massimo Borrelli, Bruna Sibille, Raimondo Testa, Marina Isu and Maria Giovanna Milazzo were elected for the "Democratic Party", Luciano Messa and Lucilla Ciravegna for the civic list "Commitment for Bra", Francesco Testa for the civic list "Bra Bene Comune" and Fabio Bailo for "Bra Città per Vivere". The minority will be advised by Annalisa Genta and Sergio Panero (candidates for the office of Mayor), Marco Ellena, Giuliana Mossino and Luca Cravero from the list "Lega Salvini Piemonte" and Davide Tripodi from the civic list "Bra Domani".

Within ten days of the proclamation of the elected representatives, the mayor Fogliato will have to convene the new municipal council, which will be able to meet in the ten days following the convocation, also to provide for the formal validation of the elected representatives. Meanwhile, the mayor will appoint the deputy mayor and councilors who will make up the new municipal council. On the official website of the civic administration, at the website, the results of the first round and of the run-off of the local administrative elections are published. (Em)

Doors open to summer in the civic library in Bra. Even in good weather, the "Giovanni Arpino" in via Guala awaits young and old readers in its air-conditioned rooms, to borrow books or browse newspapers, magazines and manuals.

In the last few days some reports have come to the Command of the Municipal Police of Bra about the presence in the city of individuals who wander among the houses and, posing as municipal technicians, public services (water and gas), law enforcement personnel or simply by giving themselves fancy names, they try to steal the trust of citizens in order to access homes to presumably commit fraud and theft.

There is time until 12 on Friday 21 June 2019 to submit the application for one of the three placement or reintegration internships which, in the coming months, will be activated at offices and services of the Municipality of Bra. Candidates between the ages of 18 and 32 years are required to graduate from high school, residency in the Municipality of Bra and enrollment in the Employment Center of Alba-Bra on the list of unemployed or unemployed immediately available.