Bra's Mayors from the Second World War to Today.

Auditors appointed by Cln

Caring Achilles from 01.05.45 to 15.07.1945
But Francesco Oreste from 16.07.45 to 04.04.1946

Mayors elected by 5 April 1946 onwards

Sartori Giovanni from 05.04.1946 to 21.06.1948
Cravero Giorgio from 29.06.1948 to 23.06.1951
Gaia Rodolfo from 24.06.1951 to 21.06.1956
Giuseppe Borsarelli from 22.06.1956 to 06.04.1959
Bonaudi Giovanni from 20.04.1959 to 02.12.1960
Carlo Degioannins from 03.12.60 to 28.12.1964 and from 29.12.1964 to 31.07.1970
Fraire Pietro from 01.08.1970 to 04.01.1976
Brizio Francesco from 05.01.1976 to 30.10.1978
Gramaglia Cesare from 15.01.1979 to 07.08.1980
Fraire Pietro from 08.08.1980 to 20.05.1985
Cravero Peter from 24.07.1985 to 21.03.1988
Dellarossa Roberto from 22.03.1988 to 24.06.1990 and from 25.06.1990 to 17.02.1993
Francesco Guide from 29.03.1993 to 7.5.1995, from 08.05.1995 to 27.06.1999 and from 28.06.1999 to 28.06.2004
Camillo scime from 29.06.2004 to 22.06.2009
Sibille Bruna from 23.06.2009 to 26.05.2014, from 27.05.2014 to 09.06.2019

Gianni Fogliato, mayor in office

Documents: Bra's Mayors from the post-war period to today

brunette sibille

Bruna Sibille

Born in Bra in 1950, graduated in Economics and Business at the University of Turin. A married, married teacher, she began her social engagement with Bra's Catholic Action as a animator of the Oratory of Sant'Andrea as well as her life and engagement in numerous initiatives in the field of volunteering and social.

Regional Mayor from 2005 to 2009 with mountain delegations, public works and land defense, since May 2008 is President of Aipo, the Po River River Interregional Authority. Councilor in Bra from 1981 to 2009, from 1999 to 2004 has served as deputy mayor with sports, tourism and events delegates. From 2009 to 2014 was elected Mayor of Bra, re-elected with the 2014 election.

His passions are the bicycle, taking care of the family, cooking and hiking in the mountains.

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