City to live

Bra is home to one of the most well-known Italian film festivals reserved for short films (films lasting less than the 30 minutes). Like many other events organized by the municipal administration, this also has annual cadence and the next edition, the fifth, will take place in the spring of 2004. As the aim of the exhibition is to highlight the short film as an original form of expression, to encourage youth production and to bring to the attention of the local public the various experiences of film directors around the world and of the Italian scriptwriters who work with the short form.

There are three competing sections of the festival:

Short movie in Europe - Two awards "The Zizzola"For the best short film produced in a country in Europe and for the best short film in Italy City Bra Award for the best Italian screenplay for short films

Slow Food is a movie an international contest for thematic short films about love for food, featuring two sections dedicated to fiction short film and documentary.

In order to be able to participate, you must respond to the competition notice published in the autumn preceding the review (next spring 2004).

the banner in .pdf

A feature that has always distinguished the film festival in the province of Braida is the large audience that joins the screening rooms in each order of seats. In the last edition the projections took place in the two multi-city towns present in the historical center, gathering a considerable appreciation both for the public and for the critics.

The directors of "Corto in Bra" are director Luca Busso, director and screenwriter Luisa Grosso and writer and musician Stefano Sardo.

The Corto in Bra

info: Cinema Corto in Bra Festival, Tourist Office and Manifestazioni del Comune

Via Moffa di Lisio, 14 / 16 - 12042 Bra (CN) Italy - Tel. 0039-0172- 430185

Fax 0039-0172-418601 - E-mail: e

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International Road Art Festival
Fourth edition - 12, 13 and 14
September 2008

Beyond 150 artists coming from all over Europe will invade the streets of the city with their performance with "hair bidding".

The program

Friday 12 September 2008

Hours 20 - Fallen Squares for Freedom

Inauguration of the festival

Saturday 13 September 2008

Throughout the day jugglers, fire eaters, mimes, clowns, waders ... will alternate in the streets of the historic center with performances that will also involve the public. Workshops on juggling, stilts and more ...

ore16-19 Boys in the street
Space designed and designed to entertain and entertain children of all ages. A miniclub run by specialized staff, where parents can leave their children and, if they so wish, have fun with them playing and ... putting themselves into play.

20 hours Living statues
Living statues will appear directly from the Rambla in Barcelona. The evening will be animated by street band bands.

21 - Palazzo Traversa
Evening Fo: Two unique acts of comedy theater
"Painters Do not Have Memories"
"Not all thieves come to harm"
By the Association of "Scene Servants".

Sunday September 14 2008

The Cantastorie
National gathering dedicated to the last true performers

The living statues, the circus, street band on the streets of the old town.

ore16-19 Boys in the street
Space designed and designed to entertain and entertain children of all ages. A miniclub run by specialized staff, where parents can leave their children and, if they so wish, have fun with them playing and ... putting themselves into play.

Workshops on juggling, stilts and more ...

The Madonnars
After the success of the previous edition, the Madonnars return to Bra with a unique proposal of their kind and perhaps never realized: a group of Madonnari (about 10) will all work together on a single project
realizing an image of about 10mt x 5mt. It will be an allegory about the City of Bra. Selected site: Corso Garibaldi.

The road of solidarity
Stands will be set up where numerous voluntary associations will be able to make themselves known and promote their projects and activities.


info: City of Bra - Tourism and Manifestation Office
Caddies for Freedom Square, 20 - 12042 Bra (Cn) - Italy
Tel. (+ 39) 0172.430185 - Fax (+ 39) 0172.418601 - e mail:

Fourth edition
27-28 September 2008

Starting from 17.00 on Saturday 27 September at 20.00 on Sunday 28 September the city opens its doors and awaits you with concerts, theater, sports, museums, dances, games, poetry, shopping, fashion, food and wine.

The complete program (in .pdf format)

The theater house

Teatro Politeama Boglione at 21 the "Nessun dorma" with the performance broadcast on all the squares of the city.

Sounds the radio
The city's squares will be animated by local radio stations with their DJs to engage the public and broadcast live the "white night" of Braida.

One night an extraordinary fireworks show at the Gardens of the Rock.

Treasure Hunt
One night to discover the city all the way through games, rebus, riddles, to find even the most hidden and remote corners. Team inscriptions (minimum 5 people) at the Tourism and Manifestation Office.

Prize Pool:
to the first classified a weekend for two people in a European capital and numerous other prizes in typical products.

Art and culture

Enrico Paulucci's Show

In the rooms at Palazzo Mathis in Caduti Square for Freedom, the meeting with one of the painters who best captured the landscape of Langa in the twentieth century.

Show at the Movement Square of Fallen Carabinieri Square in Nassirya dedicated to contemporary art under 35. The call.

Museums at night
Throughout the note the three civic museums will be open:

Library at night

The Civic Library of Via Guala will remain open to ensure a quiet place for a good read in company.

Food & wine

The taste shops
The best shops in the Bra Center's natural mall will be available for tastings of typical Piedmontese products.

The courtyard of taste
In Via Vittorio Emanuele 200 over 50 exhibitors will present a review of quality food and wine with typical products of different Italian regions. Inside the courtyard of taste, a space dedicated to a wide selection of wines from the Langhe and Roero.

Aperitif in console
From 18 to the best bars in the city Dj set, Live Session, Food & drink.

Local food
The many restaurants in the city will remain open for a snack, being able to go from one to another to have a full dinner.

Music, dance and visual arts

Concerts of the Music Institute "Adolfo Gandino" by Bra

The square of music
In Fallen Square for Freedom, bands, bands, folk groups like you
will alternate in a seamless kermesse.

A specific program will alternate throughout the night in the two city cinemas multiplexes:
  • Cinema Vittoria (Via Cavour)
  • Cinema Empire (Via Vittorio Emanuele)

Dance in the square
A whole square dedicated to dance, folklore, and music. In the arena of square Carlo Alberto will alternate classical dance, hip hop, Latin American dances, rock roll .. and in the closure of the acrobatics

Monuments and guided tours

The Zizzola at sunrise
For those who have had the consistency of living the city until dawn ... and for those who want to experience the new day in the company, the appointment is at the Zizzola park at 9 for the concert at sunrise. Followed by all will be offered breakfast with coffee and croissants.

Roman Pollenzo and nineteenth centuries
Itinerary to the discovery of the archaeological site, the headquarters of the University of Gastronomic Sciences and the wine bank. Shuttle bus departing from the FS station with tour guide departing at 19, 21 and 23.

Bra, a city for children ...

The white nightmare
At the Toy Museum in via Guala, a space reserved for the youngest with animations, games, laboratories, mobile disco, tastings ... to live together all night


info: City of Bra - Tourism and Manifestation Office
Square Fallen for Freedom, 20 - 12042 Bra (Cn) - Italy
Tel. (+ 39) 0172.430185 - Fax (+ 39) 0172.418601

6 - 8 December 2008


Three days to bring the Piedmont meat and the inimitable to triumph Bra sausage. This is the aim of the Piedmontese sausage and meat show that will be re-opened from 6 to 8 December 2008.

The program

Sausage on the table

Saturday December 6 2008, 20 hours
Restaurant "Il Principe" - via Senator Sartori 15 - Bra
The Bra Sausage ... a quality product that ennobles the contour!
Opening dinner - The head chef of the school canteen Antonio and the chef Barbara of the restaurant "Il Principe" offer you a dinner to discover the real Bra sausage paired with the typical products of our land.
Menu (25 € per person - reduced up to 10 years: 15 €):
Aperitif: Bra sausage with bubbles. Hors d'oeuvres: Caprauna Bra & Rapeseed Sausage, Bracelet Sausage & Carmagnola Peppers, Bra Beef & Braid Beef Cabbages, Bra Salsa & Cuneo Beans, Bra & Polenta Sausage. First: Risotto with Bra sausage. Second: the Great Bollito to the Piedmontese. Cheese: Cheese plateau in the Province of Cuneo in combination with honey. Sweet: chocolate truffle cake of Braidesi pastry-makers. Matching: Favorite Langhe, Dolcetto, Barbera, Moscato.

Sunday 7 December and Monday 8 December 13 hours
Restaurant "Il Principe" - via Senator Sartori 15 - Bra
The great boiled Piedmontese
Piedmontese flesh, an excellence of our territory presented in the most suitable way to be tasted and appreciated in its characteristics.
Menu (25 € per person - reduced up to 10 years: 15 €):
Aperitif: Bra sausage with bubbles. Appetizers: raw meat salad, herb mixes, mixed slices. First: Risotto with Bra sausage. Second: the Piedmontese Gran Bollito served in conjunction with the typical green, red and choco sauces. Muscle, scaramella, chest tip, brut and bon, head, tongue, tail. Cheese: Cheese plateau in the Province of Cuneo in combination with honey. Sweet: chocolate truffle cake of Braidesi pastry-makers. Matching: Favorite Langhe, Dolcetto, Barbera, Moscato. The Sevizio will be curated by the students of Velso Mucci Institute of Bra.

Theme dinners
The Bra Slices interpreted by the chefs of the best braidese restaurants.

Barbara's restaurant Il Principe (Via Senator, Sartori 15 - For reservations: 0172 421516)
"Le Cuoche" of the Badellino restaurant (Piazza XX Settembre, 4 - For reservations: 0172 439050)
Giuseppe del ristorante Battaglino (Piazza Roma, 18 - For reservations: 0172 412509)
Silvio dell'osteria La Bocca Buona (Via Audisio, 22 - For reservations: 0172 426031)
Mattia of the Chiosco hostel (Piazza Roma, 35 - For reservations: 0172 412181)
Barbara of the Locanda del Poeta Contadino (Via Don Orione, 250 - Bandito - For reservations: 0172 49100)
Daniele del ristorante dell'Agenzia dell'Agenzia (Via Fossano, 21- Pollenzo - For reservations: 0172 458600)
Palmyra restaurant La Corte Albertina (Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 3 - For reservations: 0172 458189)
"Masa e Andrea" of Il Boccon Divino restaurant (Via Mendicità, 14 - For reservations: 0172 425674)
Gianmarco dell'Osteria Murivecchi (Via Giovanni Piumatti, 9 - For reservations: 0172 431008)
Massimo del ristorante Carpe Noctem et Diem (Via Amedeo di Savoia, 9 - For reservations: 0172 458282)


Saturday 6 December 17 hours
Inauguration "The Palace of Flavors"
Within the new structure of the Movicentro, a market exhibition of typical products of the Langhe and Roero: bread, salami, cheese, wine and much more. Guests of honor, the Bra Sausage, with an area dedicated to the presentation and sale of the product prepared by the butchers of the Consorzio Macellai Braidesi, and the white truffle of Alba with a large area dedicated to the exhibition and sale of truffles cured by the truffle masters of Langa and Roero.
Opening hours: Saturday 6 December from 16 to 23, Sunday 7 and Monday 8 December from 10 to 23

Saturday 6 December, 19 hours: 30

Bra's sausage on stage at the Politeama Boglione Theater
Stagionevento - The theater of the senses - the only theater to eat, smell and touch.
Faber teater in "Women and patriarchs"
Drama and Direction by Aldo Pasquero, Giuseppe Morrone.
Hours 19.30 Dinner / Buffet ... to Piedmontese wine and its stories.
Following theatrical performance ... between the fall of a patriarch and a woman's spring, she traces the inextricable interwoven within the rhythms of life and those of the vine.

Trade shows

The farm and its animals
In collaboration with the Coldiretti association of Cuneo. Inside the market pavilion of Piazza XX Settembre will be reproduced a farm with animals in the farms of the area: cattle, donkeys, sheep, hens and rabbits. An opportunity to get closer to the agricultural world and understand more.

The "Piedmontese Breed" told through the pictures
An unusual picture of photographs taken by the ANABORAPI Association.

Guided tours

Sunday 7 and Monday 8 December 2008

The Brackets of Bra completely restored
Guided visits to the slaughterhouse from 10 to 13 hours with, at 12, the aperitif with tasting of Bra Sausage offered by the Consortium Butchers Braidesi.

Holiday packages

Weekend Formula
On the occasion of the 12 ° Exhibition of Bra Slices and Piedmont breed meat we propose a weekend in the hills of Langa and Roero. Two days / one night program:
1 ° day: arrival in the morning - accommodation in Hotel
free lunch
In the afternoon tour of the Roero: panoramic touristic route on the hills of Roero passing through Sommariva Perno, Ceresole d'Alba, Baldissero, Monte Roero, Santo Stefano Roero, Montà d'Alba. In Montà you will find a naturalistic guide, you will walk through the path of apiculture, visit two historic stalls with mulches, a naturalistic and panoramic trail of the Roerine Valleys. Visit the Montà pilates. Return to Bra and dinner in a typical restaurant and participation in the events provided by the calendar.
2 ° day: in the morning guided tour of the City of Bra, cradle of Baroque art. Participation in the event of the Bra sausage with the lunch "Gran bollito alla piemontese"

Participation fee:
110 € per person (children up to 10 years, 50 €) with 4 star structure accommodation.
95 € per person (children up to 10 years, 50 €) with 3 star structure accommodation.
The rate includes accommodation in a double room with breakfast, dinner on Saturday, Sunday lunch. Tours will be triggered by the attainment of at least ten people.


The Piedmont Breed and Pork Sausage Review is an event organized by the City of Bra, From 'Ascom Bra and from A consortium of bearded butts with the contribution of Piedmont region, Province of Cuneo, Dell 'Tourist board Alba Bra Langhe and Roero, Cuneo Chamber of Commerce, Provincial Federation direct growers, the Association of Hoteliers and Braidery Suppliers and Braid Bakers.

The review folding
The press release


CBra Bray - Tourist Office and Manifestations
Caddies for Freedom Square, 20 - 12042 Bra (CN) - Italy
Tel. 0172.430185 - Fax 0172.418601 - E-mail:

Ascom Bra
square Giolitti - 12042 Bra (CN) - Italy
Tel. 0172.413030 - 0172.422594 Fax - E-mail: - web

The best restaurants and taverns of Braidese are waiting for you for dinners served in their historic courtyards. Reservations must be made directly to the restaurants.

Friday 12 September 2008
The tripe is from Battaglino
Restaurant Battaglino F.lli snc - Piazza Roma 18 - Tel. 0172.412509
Menu: tripe salad, courgette pie with cream cheese, tripe soup (or homemade plin agnolotti with roast sauce), tripe alla Battaglino (or mixed boiled meat), sweet of the house.

Sunday September 14 2008
From tongue to tail
Rist. Badellino Giacomo - Piazza XX Settembre 4 - Tel. 0172.439050
Menu: tongue in sauce, raw meat, pepper in sauce, tagliatelle with Bra sausage, veal with Barbera, sweet from Baden.

Wednesday September 24 2008
Discovering the best traditions of the Cuneo gastronomy "Nino Bergese"
IPC Didactic Restaurant "V. Mucci "- Via Craveri, 8 - tel. 0172.433357


info: City of Bra - Tourism and Manifestation Office
Via Moffa of Lisio, 14 - 12042 Bra (Cn)

Tel. (+ 39) 0172.430185 - Fax (+ 39) 0172.418601 - e mail:

Bra, Politeama Theater
6, 7, 8 and 9 November 2008

The image show - Digital revolution
Also back this year the autumn appointment with multivision, the spectacular form of artistic expression that combines photography and music. The review of Bra, the first experience of this kind in Piedmont, has now reached its eighth edition and will take place from 6 to 9 November 2008 at the Civic Theater Politeama "Boglione".
The great innovation of the eighth edition is the distortion that digital technology has also brought to the field of multivision. All the works in the program will be based on this new technology, which opens up new and extraordinary roads to the world of creativity.


The program

Thursday 6 November 2008, 21 hours
Nature without borders


Roberto Tibaldi (Bra) - multivision
Donato Stolfi (Torino) - drums and percussion
Singular show of multivision where the five works in the program, linked by common naturalistic subject, will be intertwined and tied to each other by their ancestors musical performances by Donato Stolfi, well-known jazz percussionist in Turin.

Rainbow, color in nature
Wings 2,35: 1, 13 min.

A chromatic palette on the notes of JS Bach's Goldberg variations for piano. The thrill of a flower in the wind, of a sunset sky, of the chromatic reflections of a stream, of a sea that is soaked in a thousand colors. Simply: the beauty of nature

Magica Iceland
Wings Platinum 2,35: 1, 26 minutes

"God created heaven and earth in six days, then rested. But he forgot about Iceland ... here in fact the creation continues every day ". Alone in the middle of the ocean is the island of waterfalls and impetuous waters, active volcanoes and gigantic lava flows, geysers witnessing its hot heart, which coexists with the largest glaciers in Europe.

Wings Platinum 2,35: 1, 6,30 minutes

"The earth has music for those who listen." This phrase by William Shakespeare well sums up the contents of this brief but intense multivision, in which shapes primordial rocks interact with ancestral sounds the "Ritual" of Master Patrizio Esposito.

Parks without frontiers
Wings Platinum 2,35: 1, 18 minutes

"Ignoring limits, properties, territories, borders, this is the sacred vow of nature ... Here, mountains and plateaus, pastures and forests, valleys and clearings, like slow vessels with purple sails, lead man towards an endless miracle, towards a future of beauty and peace. " This French phrase, Jean Siccardi, sums up the vocation of the two cross-border parks (Parc National du Mercantour and the Alpes-Maritimes Natural Park) that with this multivision celebrate their twenty-five years of life.

Wings Platinum 2,35: 1, 5 minutes

A tribute to one of Roberto's greatest passions: naturalistic photography, and especially the bird world. A work "without boss or tail, just wings" ...

Friday 7 and Saturday 8 November 2008
Multivision sessions

Authors coming from different regions of Italy and Europe will be present and will feature works of completely different genres, from travel reportage to reflection on major issues of human life, from nature to irony. A great window on creativity and fantasy. Between them: Claudio Tuti (Gemona), Carlo Antonio Conti (Forlì), Visual notebooks (Buccinasco - MI), Franco Toso (Merlino multivisioni - Trieste), Pierluigi and Fulvia Bortoletto (Savona), Carlo Antonio Conti (Forlì), Diego De Riz (Belluno ), Fulvio Beltrando (Revello - Cn), Roberto Tibaldi (Bra - Cn), Alex Rowbotham (GB)

Friday 7 November 2008, 21 hours
Claudio Tuti (Gemona - Ud)
Roberto Tibaldi (Bra)
Francesco Lopergolo (Padua)
Alex Rowbotham (GB)


Scarecrow (Claudio Tuti)
M.Objects 3: 2, 9 minutes

Everything on this land is contaminated. Scarecrows are spoiled from the atmospheric agents until they are destroyed, the man with the desire to power and possess the world by the powerful with consequences that lead to war and self-destruction.

Watch (Roberto Tibaldi)
Wings Platinum 2,35: 1, 5 minutes

The strange title of this work is a Romanian word that means "look". And it is precisely the faces, the rumen of the people of Romania who have captured me during a trip to the 2002 in these places. Romanian "Romanian dances" by Bela Bartok accompany the pictures.

6 May 1976 ... (Claudio Tuti)
M.Objects 3: 2, 11 minutes

In Friuli the earth shakes. Nothing since then has been like before: not the earth, not the things, not the people. In a minute, the past was canceled and I surrendered the present; but with almost stubborn courage, people began to live, hope, rebuild, believe in a possible future. 15 September 1976. In Friuli the earth shakes, again. It was then that the Friulians thought that not only their present, but also their future were won. Today we know it was not like that.

Song (Francesco Lopergolo)
Wings Platinum 2,35: 1, 5 minutes

Suddenly everything becomes different in place of the frozen universe, governed by blind laws and dominated by immense forces, showing beauty, warmth, comfort, similar to the echo of distant music. (Dario Fertilio)

Everything runs, nothing stays fixed (Alex Rowbotham)
Watchout 16: 9, 10 minutes

Commissioned by the Seledison Electricity Company to be permanently installed at Aquaprad, the freshwater aquarium center of the Stelvio National Park in South Tyrol. Of course, the central theme of this multivision is water in all its forms, which are manifested in the different landscapes and ecosystems of the National Park. The force of nature, the energy of nature.
Images and videos: Alex Rowbotham, Gianni Bodini, National Park archive. of Stelvio. Original Music: Andrew T. Mackay.

There was no place for them (Francesco Lopergolo - Don Pierantonio Castello)
Wings Platinum 4: 3, 10 minutes
Only in exile comes to understand to what extent the world is always it was a world of exiles. (Elias Canetti)

I would sleep little, I would dream more (Roberto Tibaldi - rancesco Lopergolo)
Wings Platinum 2,35: 1, 8 minutes

The work originates from the free re-reading of "The puppet" the testament spiritual writer of the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, displayed through the extraordinary black and white images by Angelo Tassitano (Mignon Photo Group): a deep reflection on man's life.

Saturday November 8 2008, 17 hours
Carlo Antonio Conti (Faenza)
Cristina and Franco Toso (Trieste)
Photo Group Visual Papers (Buccinasco - Mi)
Fulvio Beltrando (Revello - Cn)
Claudio Tuti (Gemona - Ud)


Sunrise over the indistinct city (Carlo Antonio Conti)
Wings Platinum 16: 9, 7 minutes

It is the poetic description of the limiting situation in which our peripheral cities grow, with new cathedrals, new idols and a new psychological path of abandonment of the past, always present in the empty spaces and in the border areas of transformation.

Athos, the mountain of the spirit (Cristina and Franco Toso)
Wings Platinum 3: 2, 18 min.

Live for five days like a monk in a religious community by the rules of law and millennial traditions, in the main place of worship of the Greek Orthodox church, where women can not set foot.

Commit to project (GF Visual Papers)
Wings Platinum 3: 2, 8 min.

The everyday life in which many workers find themselves can hide something ... different?

Nanuq, the legend of the ice land (Fulvio Beltrando)
Wings Platiunm 2,35: 1,12 m.

We are at the beginning of November 2008, with a temperature of -30 ° Celsius and in one day marked by a strong wind from the north, a Polar Bear walks around the bay of Hudson (Canada) waiting for the sea to freeze again in order to return to hunt the seals its favorite prey, so as to reconstruct the thick layer of fat lost in the summer months that supports it and protects it from the low temperatures and the cold waters of the great north. "Nanuq" is the Inuit idiom of the Polar Bear. The work will make us meet this large plantigrade and with him also most of the Arctic fauna.

Life in a movie (Claudio Tuti)
M. Objects 2,35: 1, 10 minutes

The things that matter most in life are the people you love, the past you listen to, and the memories you leave. Our story will continue to live in the memory of those who loved us.

The jing of shape and color (Carlo Antonio Conti)
Wings 16: 9, 12 min.

It is an ideal journey in my personal identity, in my city and in art and if we want to be universal too, in the final realization with the 4 elements constitutive of creation. It takes place in the streets of my Faenza, from my home to the Bottega Ceramica Gatti, which is one of the artistically most alive places, where they are produced ceramic works for artists of the fame of Paladino and Ontani. It tells of the experience lived in that place of art that I perceived as magical where the spiritual evolution of men is breathed as if it were a sacred element of life.

Saturday November 8 2008, 21 hours
Francesco Lopergolo (Padua)
Erwin Skalamera (Trieste)
Cristina and Franco Toso (Trieste)
Pierluigi Bortoletto and Fulvia Rescazzi (Savona)
Alex Rowbothan (GB)
Aldo di Russo (Rome)
Diego De Riz (Belluno)


All the colors of the dark (Francesco Lopergolo)
2,35 Wings Platinum: 1, 9 minutes

The bigger thing you can do for a blind child is to help him fall in love with the world.

Okavango (Francesco Lopergolo - Erwin Skalamera)
Wings Platinum 2,35: 1, 9 minutes

The full wave is born from the mountains and the forests of Angola, descends from the rivers, baths the plains, restores life to the pastures of Botswana. Finally, he ventures into an unreal delta of water and green, destined to be lost in the sandy sea of ​​Kalahari. This is how every year the geoprocess paradox of Okavango, the river that dies in the desert without ever seeing the ocean, is renewed. Pictures of Erwin Skalamera.

Necropolis (Cristina and Franco Toso)
16 Wings Platinum: 9, 26 minutes

Dachau, Natzweiler-Struthof, Dora, Bergen-Belsen, Harzungen, are the stages that Boris Pahor, Slovenian Triestine, class 1913, has traveled in what he calls the "crematory world". Candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature with "Necropolis", Pahor tells the story of the long months spent in concentration camps together with political prisoners of all nationalities along a harrowing path in the dying world.

Aotearoa (Pierluigi Bertoletto - Fulvia Rescazzi)
Wings Platinum 2,35: 1, 8 min.

At the beginning it was the nothing from which the night originated. In this perfect darkness the sky lay in the arms of the earth and their children, clasped among the clinging bodies, felt a burning desire for freedom, until one of them, the god Tane, who had the shape of a tree, making strength with his trunk, he separated his parents from their embrace and divided them forever. In a vortex of winds and light Aotearoa had been created.

Thief of flowers (Diego De Riz)
Wings Platinum 3: 2, 4 min.

A poetic vision of the present and of the past in the fantastic time of flowering in the fields of grain.

Invent the city (Alex Rowbotham - Aldo Di Russo)
Watchout 3: 1, 5 minutes
The second part of the work started last year for Acer brings us to the frontiers of imagination and perception as the interpretative keys necessary for everyday life. Every place, every building, every corner of our city takes its meaning from the use it is made of and how we look at it, without us as "interpreters" what is built by man would be "invisible". A Fellinian paradox stands for the idea that life is a continuous narrative and that each of us can be the storyteller of himself.

Sunday 9 November 2008, 17 hours
Mal Padgett (Australia)
Andrea Ferroni (Torino)

Sunday 9 at 17, at Teatro Politeama, a great, unforgettable session at the end of the 8 ° multivision review: meeting with one of the world's top multivision exponents: Mal Padgett (Australia). His short but intense multivideos range in all fields of human creativity and will be accompanied by the extraordinary performances of Andrea Ferroni, master of the Didjeridoo instrument, of Aboriginal origin. A great tribute to Australia and multivision creativity.


T (2001 -
Mal Padgett)
Watchout 3,33: 1, 4 minutes
"Time" is a silent video prepared for a Melbourne museum as a permanent installation. It's a study of how we measure time, how things change over time, how much time is part of our lives. It was designed as a continuous cycle, as it begins to end.

Coffee (1995 -
Mal Padgett)
Watchout 3,33: 1, 2,38 minutes
In the 1996, multimedia PCs were new, and the AV spells were a thing of the past. "Coffee" was created to show what multivision was when it used beautiful photographs, great music and an interesting idea to capture the imagination.

Antarctic adventure (1997 -
Mal Padgett)
Watchout 3,33: 1, 8 minutes
Antarctic Adventure was the last installment of a permanent exhibition in Hobart, Tasmania. Most of the show was only science and facts described without emotion. Multivision original 28 projectors project the excitement and beauty of the antique on a 15 screen for 4 mcis an audio mix of 6 bands. 7 hours of interviews were mixed with the beautiful music original by Dale Cornelius. Terry Hope also took photos to add to those already provided by the government and photo agencies. The projection was made entirely with Photoshop, converted into this version Watchout starting from the original files.

Love leaves (2001 -
Mal Padgett)
Watchout, 3,02 minutes
"Love Leaves" which in Italian can be translated as "leaves of love" or "love goes away", is a poem written by Mal Padgett in 2000 and has become one of its favorite multivisions. , but the good news is that the author has finally found true love and is very happy! "Mal has collaborated for this work with designer Dave White and composer Dale Cornelius.

Avenues of Honor (2003 -
Mal Padgett)
Watchout 3,33: 1, 3,09 minutes
In large and small Australia, there are avenues of trees along the road leading to the countryside. Every tree planted is the memory of a dead person in war and tells a story. On the notes
of Night n. 2 by Chopin, this multivision contemplates the reality behind this tree. Mal wrote the lyrics and collaborated with photographer Terry Hope for photos and video.

Peter Walton's Australia (2003 -
Mal Padgett)
Watchout 3,33: 1, 3,50 minutes
Peter Walton is one of the most famous panorama photographers in Australia. For over 30 years he has crossed the country capturing the majesty and beauty of this unique landscape. Stunning images accompanied by a beautiful piece of music by Dale Cornelius.

Gantco of Melbourne (2005 -
Mal Padgett)
Watchout 3,33: 1, 3,40 minutes
If the music left us, what would we lose? Tchaikovsky asked. But if we were to leave the flowers, what would we lose? Music and flowers have the same power of emotional involvement. Gantcho is an immigrant coming from Bulgaria. During the day the nurse but the night becomes an artist working with 7000 flowers in one of Melbourne's greatest attractions.

Odofoto (2005 -
Mal Padgett)
Watchout 3,33: 1, 7,23 minutes
The odometer: a banal object to which we would not let a fleeting look. Since he bought his car two years ago, Mal tried to take photographs when his odometer showed a multiple 250 (750, 1000, 1250, 1500, etc) or some other relevant
combination of numbers. Definitely something unusual and ingenious!

Thank you for not smoking (2007 -
Mal Padgett)
Watchout 3,33: 1, 3,27 minutes
Some of Mal family members live in the countryside three hours from Melbourne. Along the way you have to go to Latrobe Valley which has most power plants powered by huge amounts of coal. Mal has always been convinced that a power plant in particular had really dirty emissions by the ways of the black smoke columns produced. When the information on global warming became known, Mal discovered what this was all about.

100 People (2007 -
Mal Padgett)
Watchout 3,33: 1, 5,48 minutes
The text for this multivision is taken from one of those chains of S. Antonio "send it to other 10 people to have luck forever". If the world were made of 100, how many people would be men, and how many women? How many would be Europeans? How many would own most of the wealth and where would they own it? Original music by Dale Cornelius, design by Anthony Ginns, animation by Alf Kuhlmann, photo by Lonely Planet Images.


The authors present at the festival

Carlo Antonio Conti (Faenza) - Amateur poet and photographer from the 18 years, I have just entered the world of multivision expression thanks to AIDAMA and her historical masters. I attend the Forlì and Bologna photographic clubs, participate in national competitions and seminars with my productions, but above all participation in the festivals and festivals have helped to make me know and improve always. I collaborate with the Forlì Municipal Theater, the Ornithological Museum Ferrante Foschi and the Park of the Formenta Casentinesi for geographic-naturalistic productions. However, fantasy and poetry are making me more gratification.

Francesco Lopergolo (Padova) - He chooses multivision to see the music, his great passion. He begins his artistic career by accumulating experiences in the language of visual communication. In addition to productions of classical multivideos on screen with great emotional impact, he creates visual scenery for dance, concerts and theater performances. He specializes in projecting images directly on architectural structures, with which he creates new and fascinating visual designs. He believes that the sharing and the comparison between artists can be of great growth, for this reason he organizes every two years at Asolo Fantadia, an international multivision festival

Fulvio Beltrando (Revello - Cn) - Born in 51 years ago, Revello (Cn) lives a small village of Val Po. He has always been passionate about nature, mountain and photography, and thanks to these passions he has made several trips to Canadian and Norwegian art. Panda Photo Agency photographer, her photographs are published in several Italian magazines. For a year and only after he met Roberto Tibaldi, he approached the world of multivision, discovering a new communicative medium capable of generating great emotions in the public.

Roberto Tibaldi (Bra - Cn) - Born in Bra in 1959, passionate about mountain, nature, classical music and photography. He has this passion for his profession in the 1993, after a previous work experience at a Natural History Museum in Bra. He succeeds in merging all his interests in multivision, realizing works both for personal expression and commission.

Visual books (Buccinasco - Mi) - Visual Papers is a group formed in 2003 in the province of Milan, with the aim of promoting the use of photographic images as a meaningful language for the development of artistic expression in any field without any technical or instrumental constraints. According to these premises, the group has approached multivision following the approach with some authors of the likes of Francesco Lopergolo and Roberto Tibaldi, mediated by a member of the group, who has long been author of multivision works: Flavia Bozzini.

Cristina and Franco Toso (Trieste) - Cristina is a great passion for music while Franco is a mountaineer and a photographer in love. Together they share the passion for nature and travels around the world for years to document their customs and customs. In the 1998 both approach multivision by discovering this form of expression as a suitable personal communication medium more than each and every other to re-reflect the emotions they have experienced during their experiences. In particular, Cristina cares about the choice of musical pieces while Franco is concerned with programming.

Diego De Riz (Belluno) - Born and resident in Belluno, he joined photography in the 70 years. The discovery of multivision takes place in the middle of the 90, an extraordinary meeting that becomes more intense and important since retiring. She loves to travel mainly to know different peoples and cultures. His work spans 360 ° as the name of his association.

Claudio Tuti (Gemona - UD) - He was born and lives in Gemona, in the heart of Friuli. After some painting experience, he started photographing in the post-earthquake period, witnessing above all the reconstruction and rebirth of the social fabric. For several years she has been devoted to multivision by addressing social, naturalistic and travel reportages.

Pierluigi Bortoletto and Fulvia Rescazzi (Savona) - Fulvia and Pierluigi Bortoletto live and work in Savona in the Ligurian Riviera of Ponente: a tough and difficult terrain with superb views that they particularly like. They deal with the passion of outdoor and underwater nature video and photography by participating in national and international competitions. They started exploiting the experience of Pier - a professional underwater diver, and Fulvia's artist - dancing and music enthusiast - for the production of video-music and documentary divers, also in the form of sonorized series and diaporama.

Mal Padgett (Melbourne - Australia) -
Mal has worked for more than 20 years in the audiovisual industry and has now specialized in creating multivariate programs and installations for business events, museums, and visitor centers for tourists. Through the festivals it has rediscovered the joy of making multivisions only for art and not for commercial messages.

Alex Rowbotham (GB) -
Alex Rowbotham is an internationally renowned photographer and winner of international awards as a "media designer". His collection of images embraces more than 16 years of activity and includes countries such as Australia, England, Italy and the United States. His passion for the projected image began during his years of study in the film and television industry in the 80 years, and since then he has created installations for museums and events throughout Europe.

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Italian Association of Artistic Multivision Authors

AIDAMA was born in 1994 in Rieti to create a new space for all artists who want to express themselves with photography but go beyond the same. The basic idea of ​​using photography as a brick to build a building that was a work of art was quickly found in many photo enthusiasts.

The new Concepts of Idea-Image-Sound, proposed by Aidama, quickly replaced the simple slideshow sequences accompanied by a sound commentary. The message Aidama was to create more correlation between the various components of multivision, pointing to paths for building programs that not only allowed a beautiful image but which offered the spectator a global emotion dictated by the importance of message, direction, musical choice, and technical ability to assemble everything.
The Italian Association of Artistic Multivision Authors is a non-profit cultural association that intends:
- promote multivision in Italy
- to be a precise and engaging point of reference for all multivision enthusiasts
- contribute to the artistic and technical growth of its members
- intervening in national and international organizations with the aim of providing a series of useful information to help, improve and optimize multivision demonstrations
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