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Bra was also present at the national congress of Legautonomie, which took place in recent days in Florence. The councilor for innovation of the city council, Massimo Borrelli, participated in the work of the fifteenth congress that led to the summit of the association consisting of municipalities, provinces, regions and mountain communities, the first citizen of Pisa, Marco Filippeschi.

An "aperitif" to introduce young people to opportunities and opportunities around the world. It will be the municipal Informagiovani of Bra has launched the initiative with the aim of providing opportunities for in-depth analysis to its users, thanks to the presence of experts who will be entertained on various current issues. The first "Information Aperitif" is entitled "Colleges of the United World" and will be held on Wednesday 10 February 2010, at 17: 30, in the new headquarters of the Informagiovani, in via Vittone 27.

Empty and immobile, but full of meanings, the railway wagon that has been stationed in Piazza Carlo Alberto in Bra for a few days. Yesterday, Wednesday 27 January 2010, on the occasion of the celebration of the "day of memory", a touching ceremony saw two hundred people gather around one of the symbols of deportation in the extermination camps during the Second World War. In particular, the testimony of Livio Cella, summarized deported to Germany, who spoke of his interminable journey on the translation that led him to the concentration camp.

"What brings man closer to the state of happiness is to do a job that he likes". This sentence, taken from the book "The key to the star" by Primo Levi, was mentioned yesterday, Wednesday 27 January 2010 in Turin, during the seminar "Knowing the organization, knowing oneself, to enhance their skills" promoted by Office of the Piedmont Equality Councilor in favor of the members of the Commissions, Committees and Consultations of Equal Opportunities of the regional territory.

Bra and Cherasco united in solidarity with the earthquake victims of Haiti. The municipal administration of the city of Zizzola has decided to support the fundraising promoted in these days in the city of peace, to send aid to the missionary father Cherasco Attilio Stra who, for decades, operates in the Caribbean country.