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Enhancement in the offer of sports medicine services to Bra. Asl Cn2 has in fact responded to the requests made by the city administration of the city of Zizzola for the development of facilities necessary to meet the needs of sports clubs and their athletes. For this reason, the staff will be upgraded and, once the premises available within the Goito outpatient clinics will be ready, the availability of hours that sports doctors will dedicate to this specialty will grow by one third.

An open-air classroom, named after the former president of the "Craveri" media school, Maria Luisa Robella. It will be inaugurated in Bra, Thursday 14 October 2010, starting from 17 the green hall inside the courtyard of the state-run Via Barbacana home. The meeting will be attended by Mayor Bruna Sibille and the headmaster of the state media school Bra, Flavia Santi. (Rg)
First "Degas Painter of the Ballet" and then the faded atmospheres of the woods. These are the upcoming appointments at Bra with the animated readings in the kids library room. Monday 11 and 18 October 2010, from seventeen, for one hour special appointments in conjunction with the initiative "October, raining books".

It will remain closed for a day, due to a refreshment of the software supplied to the command, the verbal office of the municipal police of Bra. On Monday 18 October 2010, during the entire service hours, the gateway where charges can usually be paid will shut the door off.

"Every year I dedicate my business to a value. I consider it necessary for an entrepreneur. My father (former partisan, political exponent and entrepreneur, nda) called them ideals, but I try to catch the meaning of combining them in the work I do. The 2010 is devoted to harmony, in my opinion, the supreme moment of happiness, as it can only be proactive, obtaining only with the participation of others. " An Oscar Farinetti unpublished what happened yesterday evening, Tuesday 6 October 2010, in the boardroom of Bra, within the periodic useful meetings "to reflect, taking a breath of breath over our ordinary activities, through the words of authentic witnesses of our time "- as defined by the Mayor, Bruna Sibille.