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It was the Italferr of Rome, a company of the Ferrovie dello Stato group, to win the tender for the design of the burying interventions near the Bra station. At the end of a European design competition involving eighteen engineering firms, the provisional outcome of the tender is now published on the website of the municipal administration of the city of Zizzola.

With a ceremony scheduled for Saturday 8 October 2011, at 11, will be officially entitled to Bra via Allocco brothers. The stretch of road that from via Palestro continues in via GB Gandino, obtained as part of the restructuring of the former agricultural consortium, recalls the sacrifice of three brothers from Braida, Giovanni, Giacomo and Gioachino Allocco, all three who died during the second world War.

They placed a skimmer, a reader that captures the magnetic stripe data with the simple "swipe" of the credit card on it, on the ATM of a bank in via Verdi di Bra but a customer who had gone to the ATM noted that its debit card entered with difficulty in the slot of the autormatic desk. Insensitious, the man immediately warned the operations center of the municipal police of Bra who discovered the device.

Monday 10 October 2011 Bra will be the stage of a curious tour of Italy on Vespa. Promoted by the association "Città per la fraternità", an association in which the city of Zizzola has recently joined, will bring to the city Giorgio Serafino and Giuliana Foresi, who are traveling through the streets and Italian cities aboard two XMUMX Wasps in the 'scope of the initiative "The Fraternity runs in Vespa".

The municipal police guard in the gardens of Piazza Roma in Bra, in front of the railway station, will be removed. To say it is the councilor for urban police of the city of Zizzola, Biagio Conterno, who anticipated how the decision is motivated by "the poor use of the building. After the first few months in which the agents were working inside, the structure has not been used for years because it is inadequate for service and guarantees less effectiveness compared to patrols made by the agents in the same square in Rome or using the video surveillance systems present ".