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He is not new to high-level awards and awards: in the past few days, he led the team in representing Italy, winning the "Bread in the City" international competition. The bearded baker Gianfranco Fagnola was received this morning by the Treble Administration, who wished to express his praise to the award-winning "champion of white art".

"Congratulations on accomplishing this experience so exhausting and enriching, bringing Bra's name around the world." So Mayor Bruna Sibille hailed the return of Florian Guida, 25enne braidese, who - in October at the end of December last year - has traveled nearly 5 thousand miles on bicycles in the south of the United States.

There was also Bra, Friday 17 February 2017 in Rome, in the Church of San Salvatore in Lauro, at the eighth National Day of the City Association for the Fraternity. To represent the town of Zizzola, found among the founding members of the association, there was Marina Isu delegate counselor.

Intervention a few minutes ago of the patrol Prison intervention of the Municipal Police of Bra in Frazione Bandito: During a perlustration service agents noticed a Fiat Panda in the flames near the roundabout between Don Orione and via Visconti Venosta. After delimiting and securing the area, they waited for the Volkswagen Firefighter's crew of Bra. It took about half an hour to tame the flames that had completely flooded the vehicle: the cause of the bullet would be attributed to mechanical and electronic problems of the car.

"Because Bra's city is cleaner and more beautiful, everyone's contribution is needed": so mayor of Bra, Bruna Sibille, announces that the Commune has arranged for the coming weeks some extraordinary cleaning of the main access routes cities along with rationalization and efficiency of street sweeping services.