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Bra also celebrated the "Day of Recollection", the recurrence that every year throughout Italy does not forget the drama suffered by Julian-Dalmatian populations at the end of World War II. This morning, Wednesday 10 February 2016, the day opened with the celebration of the Mass at the shrine of Our Lady of Flowers, in memory of the victims of the foibe and fallen during the exodus of civilian populations involving the territories of Istria and of Dalmatia.

She will be on stage on Sunday 21 February 2016, at 15.30 at Politeama Boglione Theater Bra, "Three Men and a Bet," the brilliant comedy of The Scammer Company.

The story of "Esmeralda the Princess of the Gitanini" will be the protagonist of the February February 15 animated reading, which, exceptionally and because of works in the library's Kids Room, moves into the conference room of the "Giovanni Arpino" cultural center of wide resistance, Bra. At 17 Stregatocacolor will tell about the difficult integration of nomadic communities within our cities via Esmeralda, who arrives in the city with the circus caravan and makes the prince fall in love. The prejudices and the fear of the "different" will initially hinder their love; It is not an insurmountable obstacle, fortunately: dialogue and mutual knowledge will be the tricks that will overcome the barriers of intolerance.

Items of possible alliance with Alexandria of the Piedmontese sovereigns competent for the area outside the Torino suburban area. From Cuneo there are rumors of mood. For this reason, Bra's mayor, Bruna Sibille, decided to write to the Minister Franceschini to point out that the same would be an "inappropriate and non-functional choice, especially in view of workloads affecting the chosen area compared with other areas of Piedmont , such as the Province of Cuneo ".

Has a new headquarters the Braids Association of Self-Mutual Help "We Like You - Women Wearing Breast". Tuesday 16 February at 18 will be inaugurated at the Casa delle Associazioni in Piazza Valfrè di Bonzo the new space where founders, who have experienced the disease in person, offer support and collaboration to those who are facing the same path.