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Cinema as a universal language and a tool for learning, reflecting and, why not, having fun. Bra's "Cinema and ... Values" and "Waiting for the Children's Book Salon" are being held in Bra, featuring protagonists on the big screen and its impressions.

On Saturday 12 may open the inscriptions for summer stays at the Laigueglia holiday home, managed by the Braidese marine institution. All families living under the Zizzola can book a weekly shift (from Sunday to Sunday) in the period from 10 June to 16 September 2012, while for children aged six to fourteen a single shift will be made from 25 June to 7 July .

There will be more than one hundred exhibitors who, on Wednesday, April 25, throughout the day will animate Piazza Carlo Alberto and Via Cavour, in Bra, within the traditional market of used and antique antiques. Starting at 8 o'clock, collectors, antique dealers and property owners will exhibit their old merchandise for a hunt for the treasures of the past. At the event, across the affected area - from 5 in the morning to 21 - no transit and stop for forced removal.

Weekend of intense work for agents of the Braidese command of the local police. On Friday evening, 20 April 2012, a patrol rushed into Via Audisio after a citizen had reported the presence of a man who was annoying in passers-by. Once in place, the agents identified the character who was in a state of drunkenness, away from the area: it is QK, a thirty year old Moroccan domiciled in Bra, already arrested in the 2010 by the municipal police Braida for the attempted murder of a fellow countryman.

"An important step forward for our territory, with a decisive work for a serious environmental and traffic planning in our city". So the mayor of Bra, Bruna Sibille, has commented on the green light given to the Cherasco-Alba lot of the Asti-Cuneo motorway, by the services conference that met in Rome, yesterday 19 on April 2012. "It is an essential infrastructure to regulate the flow of heavy traffic, which today still crosses Bra a few hundred meters from the historic center, but above all to provide that quick connection with the new hospital under construction in Verduno, pre-requisite on basis of which the planning of the intervention of rationalization of services more important than the whole southern Piedmont was founded "- said the first town.