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Sunday of events at the "Craveri" natural history museum of Bra. The 4 May, from the 15 to the 16.30, the illustrator Cristina Girad - of which the exhibition of naturalistic drawings "Dialogue between form and nature" can be visited at the structure in via Craveri - will hold the conference for images "Nature in Art from prehistory to the present day ". Also on the same day, starting from 15.30, the beekeeper Bruno Tibaldi will lead the workshop "In the fantastic world of bees", to discover the secrets of a complex and intriguing "society", between history and science. At the end of the tasting of honey in our area.

The summer retreat of Livorno football first the one of the "gray" dell'Alessandria then. The Kazakh national tennis team in preparation for the Davis Cup rather than the national veterans of field hockey for the master games of Turin, without forgetting the football summer campuses of Real Madrid that will open in a few weeks. Bra is increasingly a destination for prestigious training and preparation events for important sporting events. Strong of this reality, the municipal administration of the city of Zizzola has been accepted in the database of the "Sports Tourist Municipalities" of Piedmont.

Bra is still open for entries for gray-haired braidesi who want to participate in the two stays for senior citizens promoted by the city administration in May and September. Two fortnightly vacation periods, both in Liguria: from 20 May to 3 June 2014 in San Bartolomeo al Mare; from 15 to 29 September in Laigueglia.

The Braidese culture that also like outside of Bra. Several initiatives and testimonies that in recent weeks have affected facts, stories and initiatives that in some way touch the city of Zizzola and that have found space on information organs or events of national scope. If Bra will be the protagonist of the "Cultural Park" at Lingotto fiere di Torino during the opening day of the "Book Fair", with a rich program dedicated to Giovanni Arpino, the Turin kermesse will also host two book presentations concerning the "Queen of leather ", just as Arpino had defined the city that he felt was his. Just Thursday 8 May 2014, opening day of the "Salone", at 18 in the fifth pavilion of the event, Fabio Bailo will present his new book "Storie della vecchia Bra".

A great classic inaugurates the animated readings of May at the municipal library of Bra. Monday 5 May at 17 Stregatocacolor will tell the adventures of Little Red Riding Hood, in his cottage at the edge of the forest, struggling with a mischievous wolf.