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The mayor of Bra, Bruna Sibille, together with the city councilors Massimo Borrelli and Luciano Messa, received the new president of Slow Food Italia, Gaetano Pascale, in the town hall this Tuesday, 13 May 2014.

After months of investigations, a seventy-year-old braidese offender was deferred in a state of freedom to the Public Prosecutor's Office of Asti. The man used to wander around Bra on his bicycle, approaching young women to whom, after a first interlocutory phase, he addressed real sentences of harassment. The method was always the same: first the elder promised women to take them as carers, then specified that - in addition to this role - they would have to entertain sexual relations with him. Despite the numerous reports received by the Municipal Police of Bra, there were no useful elements to reach identification; a few weeks ago the man had approached, according to the usual script, a girl in Via Vittorio Emanuele: the woman, frightened, had immediately gone to the nearby barracks of Via Moffa di Lisio to file the complaint, with the simultaneous launch of the investigations by of the men of the Judicial Police Unit, monitoring and identification of subjects with similar characteristics, but without a positive outcome.

Concessions for those traveling, during the election consultations of the 25 May 2014. On the day when voters will be called to vote for the renewal of Italian members of the European Parliament, for the election of the president of the junta and members of the regional council, for the election of the mayor and municipal councilors of Bra, Trenitalia will practice a reduction on the prices of nominal return train tickets.

The municipal administration of the city of Zizzola, who most recently retired, were received in the town hall by the municipal council of Bra, Tuesday morning 13 May 2014. Among them, the head of the economized office Annamaria Ciravegna, the head of the peace office Antonio Lucci, the teacher Vincenza Giacone of the nursery school and the cook Carmelina Rizzo.

The institutional presence of the municipal administration of Bra could not be lacking at the eighty-seven national meeting of the Alpine, which took place yesterday, Sunday 11 May 2014, in Pordenone. Together with the large group of the city of Zizzola of the National Alpine Association, presided over by Giuseppe Biga and Carlo Cogno, it was the president of the city council Fabio Bailo to represent the civic administration.