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All the answers to make a good waste collection in Bra:



The information on this page fulfills the transparency obligations set out in annex 1, article 3, of resolution no. 444 of 30.10.2019 of the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Grids and the Environment (ARERA). Detailed information on the application of the Tari - Waste fee, are present on the dedicated page.


Service managers and service cards

Urban waste collection, street sweeping, street washing: Environment 2.0 - stable consortium

Bulky waste collection: STR -Waste treatment company srl

Used clothes collection: Together social cooperative

Waste oil collection: MP Oil

Tariff management and user relations: Municipality of Bra



Disservices and complaints: Municipality of Bra - Ecosportello (telephone 0172.201054 - mail



Calendar and collection times: The official calendar of Bra

Extraordinary campaigns

Instructions for proper delivery

Percentage of differentiated

Street cleaning calendar and times

Rules for calculating the tariff

Variables for determining tariffs

TARI regulation

Accepted payment methods

Deadlines for payment

Information for non-payment

Error reporting amounts

Online collection documents: service not active

ARERA communications



Initiatives to reduce the amount of waste and waste: A Good Occasion "(linkback)

The City of Bra, through the offices of the Socioscolastica Department, directly delivers the following services:


House Office: Providing regional contributions for leasing; Provision of municipal housing allowance; Social Construction (ATC)

Family, Volunteering and Equal Opportunities Office: Municipal Council Secretariat for Families; Initiatives for the elderly; Provision of financial contributions for basic necessities; Microcredit Service; organization of marine and spa stays for the elderly.

School Services, Agevolated Services, Isee: Issue of Isee certificate; Sgate: Social Bonus for electricity and gas; Housing suitability requests; Health ticket exemption; Requests for maternity and family allowances; Municipal school services (pre and post hours, after-school, school transport, Summer Boys); Reduction of school fees; Right to study.

Mensa Office: School canteen.

Elka service: Information and advice center for foreign citizens.


As a result of the recent legislation on fighting the pandemic, the "Giovanni Arpino" Civic Library is closed to the public. Only the service of digital loan. For information call 0172.413049 or write to


The art. 33, paragraph 3-bis of Legislative Decree 163/2006 and subsequent amendments provides that: "The municipalities that are not the provincial capitals proceed with the acquisition of works, goods and services in the context of the unions of the municipalities referred to in article 32 of legislative decree no. 18 of 2000 August 267, if any, or by constituting a specific consortium agreement between the same municipalities and making use of the competent offices also of the provinces, or by resorting to an aggregator or to the provinces, pursuant to law no. 7 of 2014 April 56. Alternatively, the same municipalities can acquire goods and services through the electronic purchasing tools managed by Consip SpA or by another reference aggregator. The Authority for the supervision of public contracts for works, services and supplies does not issue the tender identification code (CIG) to municipalities that are not provincial capitals 'acquisition of works, goods and services in violation of the obligations provided for in this paragraph. "

The new Code of public contracts referred to in Legislative Decree 18 April 2016 n. 50, as last amended by Legislative Decree no. 56/2017, in terms of purchases of non-capital municipalities, compared to the previous legislation, has operated by expanding the "margin" for "autonomous and direct" purchases (paragraphs 1 and 2 - first period - of art. 37) and recalibrating the forms of aggregation (paragraphs 4 and 5 of art.37)

The Towns of Bra, Baldissero d'Alba, Channel, Ceresole Alba, CavallermaggioreCherascoDiano D'AlbaMontà, Monticello d'Alba, NarzoleSanfrè, Santa Vittoria d'Alba, Sommariva del Bosco Sommariva Perno, have adhered to the single Central Command as of approved agreement subsequently revised with effect 01 / 01 / 2018 by their respective councils.



- Calls, notices and results

- Acts and measures



Lead Municipality: Municipality of Bra - Piazza Caduti per la Libertà, 14 - 12042 Bra (Cn)


Executive: Monica Basso

telephones: 0172.438216 - 0172.438125 - 0172.438118

During the pandemic emergency, access to municipal offices is allowed only by reservation by contacting the references you find HERE

MANAGEMENT FORM: Associated management of social welfare functions by means of a convention (pursuant to article 30 D.lgs n.267 / 2000)

The Municipalities of the Social Cohesion Area of ​​Bra - Health District of Bra (Bra, Cherasco, Ceresole d'Alba, La Morra, Narzole, Pocapaglia, Sanfré, S. Vittoria d'Alba, Sommariva del Bosco, Sommariva Perno, Verduno) on 19.06.2018 they signed a specific agreement pursuant to art. 30 of Legislative Decree no. 267/2000, valid from 01.07.2018, for the associated management of social assistance functions pursuant to law no. 328/2000 and of the regional law n.1 / 2004, by delegation of the same to the Municipality of Bra as lead body.


• Municipality of Bra (Lead Partner)
• Municipality of Ceresole d'Alba
• Municipality of Cherasco
• Municipality of La Morra
• Municipality of Narzole
• Municipality of Pocapaglia
• Municipality of Sanfrè
• Municipality of Santa Vittoria d'Alba
• Municipality of Sommariva del Bosco
• Municipality of Sommariva Perno
• Municipality of Verduno



Hours and contacts

“Il Girasole” directly managed socio-therapeutic rehabilitation day center in Narzole



- Social secretariat
- Professional social service
- Protection interventions with the involvement of the Judicial Authority: disqualification, disqualification, support administration
- Promotion of integrated activities with Third Sector Organizations and Voluntary Associations
- Secretariat and coordination of territorial planning tools in the field of social policies

Consisting of activities and procedures aimed at the protection of minors and the development of their interpersonal skills, in accordance with regional and local programs, in favor of all minors residing in the associated municipalities.

This management involves:

- Home-based services of a preventive nature
- Home services to support families in difficulty
- Support interventions for victims of violence
- Implementation of educational interventions to prevent discomfort
- Provision of Services Center for families
- Protection interventions on minors
- Management of services and activities to support parenting and birth, family counseling and mediation, to support people in cases of abuse, and maltreatment
- Management of services and interventions for the temporary custody of minors
- Management of services for national and international adoptions
- Insertions in the housing community
- Relations with the Judicial Authorities
- Neutral places management service
- Multidisciplinary Unit for the Evaluation of Disabled Minors

Consisting of activities and procedures aimed at managing activities relating to the protection of persons with disabilities for the aspects of social assistance, socio-educational, socialization included in regional and local programming.

This management involves:

- Preventive home care services relating to the promotion of social integration and the management of free time
- Transport service and accompanying disabled people to day centers
- Home services to support the disabled and their families
- Home and educational services to promote autonomy and independent life
- Semi-residential service - socio-therapeutic diurnal centers
- Service to autonomy and communication with sensory disabilities
- Disabled family benefits
- Insertions in residential and / or relief services
- Multidisciplinary Disability Assessment Unit
- “Il Girasole” directly managed socio-therapeutic rehabilitation day center in Narzole

"After us": Contributions aimed at the implementation of interventions and services in favor of people with serious disabilities without family support, pursuant to Law 112/2016 ("After us") - Ministerial Funds for the Year 2017. View the call and application - deadline 25 October 2019 - extended to 07 November 2019 with determination dir. n.1968 of 30.10.2019


Consisting of activities and procedures aimed at managing activities relating to the protection of elderly people for the aspects of social assistance and socialization including the interventions related to them included in the regional and local planning acts.

This management involves:

- Services domiciliari of preventive character and of supporto for elderly autosuficient
- Fostering of self-sufficient elderly family members
- Semi-residential and residential services for self-sufficient elderly people
- Services of character domiciliare for elderly partially and / or totally no self-sufficient
- Semi-residential, residential and relief services
- Geriatric Evaluation Unit

Alzheimer Cafe - At the intercommunal elderly meeting center, meetings for people with forms of senile dementia and their families. Cognitive recovery and enhancement of residual abilities and space for dialogue, comparison and self-help for relatives and caregivers. 2020 meetings: 5, 19, 26 June and 3 July.

Info and program 2019 (Pdf file)




Consisting of activities and procedures aimed at managing activities relating to the protection of adults for the aspects of social inclusion included in the regional and local planning acts.

This management involves:

- Economic Assistance Service
- Integrated housing welfare interventions
- Home care services of a preventive nature and support for social and work integration
- Semi-residential and residential services for adults at risk of marginalization
- Support interventions for victims of violence
- Home services
- Semi-residential, residential and relief services
- Adult family custody in difficulty


WELFARE POINT - Info desk for social and health services (experimentation introduced by the project Latent Talents)

Bra: open on Wednesdays from 8.30 to 11 starting from 3 April 2019, at the offices of the Personal Services Department, in Piazza Caduti per la Libertà 18. For info and booking appointments tel. 320.4654644 - mail:

Alba: open on Thursdays from 8.30 to 11 in via Senatore Como, 4. For iinfo and appointment booking tel. 351.8943342 - mail: