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2011 Census


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In execution of the 50 article of the 31.05.2010 law decree, n. 78, converted with modifications in law n. 122 / 2010, as well as the General Census Plan adopted by the ISTAT (National Institute of Statistics) with the deliberation of the President n. 6 on 18 / 2 / 2011 date, the fifteenth general census of population and housing was announced. 


What's this?

It is a statistical survey that is carried out every ten years and concerns all families, both Italian and foreign, who will be resident or present in our territory on the date of 9 October 2011.The operations are carried out by the ISTAT as well as for the proper respective territory, by the Municipality, and require the effective and obligatory collaboration of citizens, according to the following steps: 



From 12 September to 22 October 2011, receipt of the questionnaire by post: During this period, each family will receive by post an envelope sent by ISTAT, containing the questionnaire to be filled in. The questionnaire is green (shorter) or, for some families drawn by ISTAT, red (longer). For communities, hotels, etc., other types of questionnaires will be sent, in blue or gray color (“cohabitation” questionnaires). In the event that as of October 22, 2011 the family has not yet received any questionnaire, it can request it from the Municipal Collection Center, at the contacts indicated below.

From 9 October 2011 to 20 November 2011, filling in the questionnaire: The compilation must be done in pen in black or in blue (never in red), following the instructions attached to the questionnaire itself, in relation to the situation of the family on Sunday 9 October 2011. From that date it will also be possible to fill in the online questionnaire with your computer, by entering the access credentials indicated on the title page of the questionnaire sent home (the credentials are personal and related to each individual family).

The questionnaire can be completed (in pen or online) even after 9 October 2011, but always in relation to the situation of the family as of 9 October. Therefore, even if the ISTAT envelope has already been received, we strongly urge you not to fill it in before that date, as some of the information requested in the questionnaire could change and should be corrected, and in any case the questionnaire can only be returned or filled in online by October 9.

If the number of individual cards contained in the questionnaire delivered by the ISMAT is not sufficient in relation to the number of components, the family may request additional sheets to the Municipal Collection Center at the contact below.

From 10 October to 20 November 2011, return of the completed questionnaire: Once the questionnaire has been completed, it must be returned, in its appropriate envelope, through one of the following alternative methods:


  • material delivery to any post office in the country;
  • or material delivery to the Municipal Collection Center, specially set up at the municipal headquarters, at the times indicated below.


The completed questionnaire cannot and must not be sent, nor can it be left in one's mailbox, as the postman is not authorized to collect it. Those who have completed the online questionnaire are not required to return the paper version.


Communal detectors

If the completed questionnaire was not delivered to the family by mail or returned by the family by the 20 November 2011 date, or returned incomplete or with non-congruent information, the family will be contacted by the municipal detectives, a special recognition card, which can provide substitute questionnaires or extra sheets, as well as provide co-operation and advice to respondents for the purpose of compiling them properly.


Municipal Collection Center

For any need (material return of completed questionnaires, notification of non-receipt of blank questionnaires, need for additional sheets, information, clarifications, advice and help in filling out, etc.), the municipal collection center will be active from 10 October 2011, at the Palazzo Comunale di Bra, with access from via Barbacana 6, ground floor.

Hours: Monday to Thursday 8: 30-12: 45 and 15-16, Friday 8: 30-12: 45

phone number: 0172.438190 (urban call rate).


Help in meeting centers

In order to meet the difficulties in compiling, especially older people, additional opportunities for receiving information and collecting census forms have been activated through a series of appointments at municipal meeting centers, organized in collaboration with the committees of the fraction .

Every Monday and Wednesday from 16 pm to 15 pm, throughout the month of October, there will be the possibility to go to the elderly meeting center in via Montegrappa. Tuesdays and Thursdays, always from 18:16 pm to 15 pm and always throughout the month of October, at the Interparochial Center for pensioners Wednesday 18, Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 8 November, always from 9pm to 16pm, at the meeting center of the Pollenzo hamlet, while Monday 15 and 18, as well as Tuesday 7 November, from 14pm to 15pm at the center of meeting of Madonna flowers. Finally, Thursday 16, 15 and 18 November, possibility of help in filling out and withdrawing the questionnaires, always from 3 pm to 10 pm, also at the Bandito meeting center.

The municipal administration is then verifying the possibility to activate moments of assistance in compiling and withdrawing the models from the patrons of trade unions Cgil, Cisl and Uil, thus avoiding waiting for their members.


Obligations and sanctions. Protection of personal privacy.

The compilation and return of the questionnaire is mandatory. In fact, pecuniary sanctions and reporting to the Registry Office are envisaged for any cancellation from the registers of the resident population for those who do not return the completed questionnaire. The only section of the questionnaire for which it is optional to answer or not is the one entitled "Difficulty in the activities of daily life", which contains questions regarding so-called "sensitive data".

Ensure that the data collected on the occasion of the General Census of the population are protected by the provisions on statistical confidentiality and are subject to the Personal Data Protection Act (Legislative Decree No. 196 / 2003). The holder of the personal data processing is the Istat - National Institute of Statistics, Via Cesare Balbo 16 - 00184 Rome; responsible for treating for Istat is the Central Director of the General Censuses, which can also be contacted for the names of other persons responsible and for the exercise of the rights of those concerned.

The data may also be used for subsequent processing exclusively for statistical purposes by the subjects of the National Statistical System and the Census Bodies and may not be communicated for purposes of scientific research, under the conditions and in the manner provided for by the relevant legislation.

Information and contacts

In addition to the aforementioned Municipal Collection Center, for further information you can contact: 


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