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To regulate urban writing, the Municipality of Bra has drawn up a series of rules that can be followed by those who, individually or in a group, want to experience street art. This is to avoid acts of vandalism and to promote mural artistic expressions, which are however inspired by criteria of legality.Citizens residing or domiciled in the municipality of Bra, individually or in groups (crew), or associations and schools with based in the municipality of Bra, who have an interest in practicing the art of writing. These people will have to apply on plain paper based on the form published on this page.

Download this file (writer_modulo.pdf)The Request Form.[The module.]0 kB
Download this file (writer_regolamento.pdf)The text of the municipal regulation.[The rules.]0 kB

At the municipal youth gathering center in Via Brizio 10, the School of Comics and Illustration - SFEI has been activated. The initiative is realized in collaboration with the SFEI Association and the Pro Loco of Sanfré.

The School of Cartoon and Illustration aims to provide the young talented professional tools to become designers, screenwriters, illustrators or animators through lectures with professional authors. The School of Cartoon and Illustration, for access to which it is necessary to complete the 16 years and not exceed the 35, is aimed at those aspiring to embark on a profession of comic book designer and animator; to those who want to test and test their attitudes; to anyone who wants to deepen his knowledge of the techniques and tools of narrative design, screenplay and animation using the experience of well-established authors in the field of professional cartoon and animation design.

Specifically, two training paths will be activated: one for the Writer and one for the Designer. Each route provides a duration of 200 hours per year.

During the lessons the following topics will be addressed: the study of the anatomy, the design and the various genres (realistic, grotesque, comic-humorous) of the design of the table, the instruments, the layout, the drawing, animation, use of references, rules of direction, style, and all the other topics necessary to have a professional knowledge of the structural operations of a comic and storytelling. The teachers, all nationally renowned professionals, will be for Realistic Design: Dante and Francesco Bastianoni, Elena Pianta; for the Humorous Drawing Giorgio Sommacal; for the Screenplay: Manfredi Toraldo; for the animation Silvio Arenghi; for the Andrea Gatti Illustration.

For information and registration: SFEI Association

e-mail:; Web:

City of Bra - Informagiovani

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9-12: 30

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 15-16: 30

Wednesday: Closed


The competition announcement for the selection of 913 volunteers to be employed in National Civil Service projects in the Piedmont Region has been published by the Department of Youth and National Civil Service. Among the many projects being activated, young people between 18 and 28 years of age will also be able to choose to get involved in one of the eleven positions available in the offices of the Municipality of Bra. In particular, it is possible to apply for the two positions at the Youth Information Office as part of the "Born to be young" project (Education and cultural promotion, cultural animation for young people and minors), for the seven insertions - two at the Tourist Office , two at the Craveri Museum, one in Palazzo Traversa and two in the Civic Library - as part of "Bra, a history of six million years", a project to enhance local culture and the public and private museum system, and for the two placed at the Environment Office, in relation to inclusion in the “Urban ecosystem: environmental monitoring and sustainability”.

The duration of the service is twelve months. Volunteers will receive theoretical-practical training by the organizations chosen to provide service and a reimbursement of expenses of € 433,80 per month by the National Office for the Civil Service.

On the site of the Province of Cuneo, at the link , the projects (with related details and summary sheets) and the application forms are published. Applications, complete with the necessary forms, a photocopy of identity document and tax code and original signed curriculum vitae, can be delivered until June 26, 2017 to the Youth Information Office of the Municipality of Bra, in via Barbacana 6, according to schedule opening: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9.00-12.30 / 15.00-16.30, Friday 9.00-12.30; closed Wednesday and Saturday.

An information meeting will be organized in the coming days, in order to present all the active opportunities in the area and provide details on applications and methods of participation. More information at the link:, by calling the Youth Information of Bra at 0172.438241 or by writing to

City of Bra - Informagiovani

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phone: (+ 39) 0172.438241

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